Thank God for sending me a Pastor

Bro. Musa and Pst. Friday

Brother Musa and Pastor Friday

My name is Musa Mugala, my testimony is this; First and foremost I want to thank God so much for what he did to send my pastor Mwila here. I was a drunkard until Pastor Mwila came here in 2016. He preached to me about salvation in Christ and I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I have stopped drinking beer. Now I am very interested in what my pastor is teaching me and I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I thank God so much for the help and support HBMZ is giving me by providing the Disciple Maker materials.  I am no longer the same, Jesus Christ is in me and I am ready to start working in the ministry of the LORD. Continue to pray me. I don’t want to turn back again.  Now I am busy urging my family and friends to come and join us in our church. We need prayer.  Thank you, Amen.

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