Bibles for Disciples


NO BIBLE = NO FAITH (Romans 10:17)

NO BIBLE = NO HOLINESS (John 17:17a)

NO BIBLE = NO TRUTH (John 17:17b)

Thank you for the Bible!

Jesus Christ is the Living Word who is the Revelation of GOD

The Bible is the Written Word that is the Revelation of the the Living Word.

To know God ONE MUST know what God says about Himself in the Bible.

Faith that pleases God comes by hearing and obeying the Word of God not by feelings and spiritual thoughts and doing what one “thinks” is right. These “other” things are all of the Flesh.

It is estimated that over 500 million believers worldwide do not have their own Bible – over 200 million in Africa alone. The church across the world has prayed for mission for decades. God has answered these prayers. Millions are turning to Christ each year and thousands of churches are being planted. However, we are in danger of making converts and not disciples. Believers in Jesus Christ can not become disciples without the Word of God. Church leaders can not teach the Word of God if they do not know the Word of God. They can not know the Word without a Bible.

Churches across Africa, India, China, Asia and South America are going without Bibles. Most missionary organizations, church planting movements and evangelists simply cannot provide Bibles out of their budgets. Even where evangelism and church planting has been done in the most responsible way possible, organizations have been victims of their own success – the number of Bibles needed for new converts is overwhelming.

It seems as if the Churches which have sent the missionaries, supported the evangelists and prayed for lost souls have not realized or been made aware of this huge backlog. Many Christians do not realize the real danger of producing converts and not disciples. Converts are easily “converted” to other religions. In today’s world ISLAM is claiming many who were previously considered Christian because of the free schooling and medical care they give if the person “converts” to Islam. Many other believers simply “fall away” being choked out by the cares of the world

Zambian Pastor's Bible

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3 thoughts on “Bibles for Disciples

    • Hello Friend. HIMAfrica is seeking partnerships with Christians who can support indigenous ministry in Zambia and India. We are looking for sponsorships for pastoral training, Bibles for believers and for the Dignity Projects. We support the native missionaries in their own countries and help them with training and resources. We have a well structured organization in Zambia (Hope Builders Ministry Zambia) which we support and we are building a new ministry in India.

      Thank you for your prayers and interest.
      Contact me at

      Jeff Hawkins

    • Greetings Friend.
      HIMAfrica represents native missionaries in Zambia and India raising funds and resources. You can support the ministry in Zambia HERE, INDIA HERE or Jeff’s ministry HERE or by mail at: Hope Builders Ministries, POBox 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 Designate Zambia or HIMAfrica

      Contact me personally at or

      Thank you and Blessings In Christ,
      Jeff Hawkins

      PS. I will be in Zambia July 10 – 26 for an outreach and pastors conference. Thank you for praying.

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