We need BiblesWHAT CAN I DO?

  • GIVE
    Your gift will make a difference in the lives of brothers and sisters in Christ. Each $15 gift to Bibles for Disciples will  purchase and deliver a Bible into the hands of a pastor in training or a Christian brother or sister in discipleship.
    Of course the more Bibles we buy the better the price per Bible. The average cost of a Bible in one the languages of the Zambians is $12. The cost to deliver and distribute them is labor intensive. Most of the Bibles go to the rural areas where the roads are bad or not existent. Fuel is expensive everywhere.
    Monthly gifts: Regular giving enables better planning so that we may order sufficient stock. Your monthly gift will help many converts become disciples. You can donate here.
  • PRAY
    Pray regularly for Bibles for Disciples, suffering Christians and those too poor to buy their own Bible. Pray for church planters, missionaries, and evangelists as they win souls for Christ. Pray for the mentors and leaders who disciple new believers. Contact us to receive a regular prayer letter.
    Organize a Bibles for Disciples Day in your Church. The Pastor can preach a message on the sufficiency and authority of the Scriptures to equip and mature the believer. A love offering is taken on the designated Day. Sunday School classes and Bible Study groups can take a regular offering as well.
    Contact us
    if you can help organize a Bibles for Disciples Day. We will provide you with brochures and giving envelops for the event.
    Bibles for Disciples needs representatives in every church and community.
    Contact us
    if you would consider this ministry opportunity.

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