Word from Prabhu

Greetings in JESUS CHRIST name!

Here are some pictures of  our DISCIPLE making seminar held in our home with our extended family and some ministry co-workders. These all work with Swarna and me in the HBM India ministry.

At this particular gathering I asked my wife Swarna to teach on the subject of Disciple Making. She did a marvelous job. We also spent much time praying for the ministries of Hope Builders, both here and in Africa. We met from 7PM until 2AM in the Word and Prayers.

We are also asking the Lord to provide us a center here in Hyderabad that can serve as our home and a guesthouse and training center for our ministry here in Telagana State. Our rental home is only 700 sq. ft. and the owner is not Christian and does not like us meeting here.  Thank you for praying with us about this.

During this time in our home the fellow workers shared feedback about effect of Our DISCIPLES MAKING SEMINARS. We really praise God for these things.

1. new churches started

2. new DISCIPLES made.

3. revival in old churches for disciples making

4. newly started some hubs for learning Word inductively and systematically.

5. many younger adults have logged in to mini Bible college course

6. many young adults are plannig to move to remote areas for ministry.

7. many churches have already to sent disciples into the mission field among many people groups.

At the same time now Telangana government have opposition for Christians. Please pray for Telangana India.

Here we have focused ministry among these people groups: MADHIGA. MALA. KAMMARI. KAMSALI. BUDIGAJANGALA. DAKKALI SEESAKAMMARI. CHINDHU. MAASHTI. MANDHUCCHA. GOLLA. YADHAVA. MERA. VADDERA. BANJARA. KAAIPADAGALA. and there are many more needing the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours faithful co-workers


You can support this ministry and partner with Prabhu and Swarna by PRAYING for them and by giving securely HERE.

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