Thank God for sending me a Pastor

Bro. Musa and Pst. Friday

Brother Musa and Pastor Friday

My name is Musa Mugala, my testimony is this; First and foremost I want to thank God so much for what he did to send my pastor Mwila here. I was a drunkard until Pastor Mwila came here in 2016. He preached to me about salvation in Christ and I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I have stopped drinking beer. Now I am very interested in what my pastor is teaching me and I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I thank God so much for the help and support HBMZ is giving me by providing the Disciple Maker materials.  I am no longer the same, Jesus Christ is in me and I am ready to start working in the ministry of the LORD. Continue to pray me. I don’t want to turn back again.  Now I am busy urging my family and friends to come and join us in our church. We need prayer.  Thank you, Amen.

Word from Prabhu

Greetings in JESUS CHRIST name!

Here are some pictures of  our DISCIPLE making seminar held in our home with our extended family and some ministry co-workders. These all work with Swarna and me in the HBM India ministry.

At this particular gathering I asked my wife Swarna to teach on the subject of Disciple Making. She did a marvelous job. We also spent much time praying for the ministries of Hope Builders, both here and in Africa. We met from 7PM until 2AM in the Word and Prayers.

We are also asking the Lord to provide us a center here in Hyderabad that can serve as our home and a guesthouse and training center for our ministry here in Telagana State. Our rental home is only 700 sq. ft. and the owner is not Christian and does not like us meeting here.  Thank you for praying with us about this.

During this time in our home the fellow workers shared feedback about effect of Our DISCIPLES MAKING SEMINARS. We really praise God for these things.

1. new churches started

2. new DISCIPLES made.

3. revival in old churches for disciples making

4. newly started some hubs for learning Word inductively and systematically.

5. many younger adults have logged in to mini Bible college course

6. many young adults are plannig to move to remote areas for ministry.

7. many churches have already to sent disciples into the mission field among many people groups.

At the same time now Telangana government have opposition for Christians. Please pray for Telangana India.

Here we have focused ministry among these people groups: MADHIGA. MALA. KAMMARI. KAMSALI. BUDIGAJANGALA. DAKKALI SEESAKAMMARI. CHINDHU. MAASHTI. MANDHUCCHA. GOLLA. YADHAVA. MERA. VADDERA. BANJARA. KAAIPADAGALA. and there are many more needing the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours faithful co-workers


You can support this ministry and partner with Prabhu and Swarna by PRAYING for them and by giving securely HERE.

The Impact of Indigenous Missions

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know this is anecdotal, but the testimonies of changed lives coming from our co-workers continue to roll in. This change is by the grace of God through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Our Triune God is all glorious!

Let me share with you this edited testimony. (It is edited so that you will understand the limited English and protect our brothers and sisters who are persecuted for the Faith.)

“Before I became a Christians I was a Priest in the Hindhu Rama Temple. Now I am the pastor of the _______ Church these past 10 years. I was very proud of my style and way of living and ministry. Not one of my fellow pastors in the area could tell me how to be a better pastor or teacher. My church members also feared me. This is how I presented myself to people.

BUT, by the grace of God and His Word taught by Prabhukiran with HBM India, I was convicted concerning the way I treated my fellow believers as their pastor. They are to be sons and daughters to me, brothers and sisters, not my servants and property. My commitment now is to make disciples and be a sending church, reaching out to unbelievers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before we never looked to unbelievers. Now we are doing God’s mission to seek and save the lost and make disciples.

Please, come again Brother Prabhukiran and teach us more about making disciples. We are with you!”

Hope Builders Ministries is Helping Indigenous Missions in Africa and India. The impact is HUGE because of the resource being used. The “resource” is the local indigenous  church and its believers. These brothers and sister know the language and culture and how to live on the economy. What many don’t have is adequate training in the Word of God concerning the mission of disciple making. HBM partners with trained and qualified indigenous missionaries, pastors and ministries to make disciples of existing believers who are then equipped, encouraged and empowered through their local churches to reach out into their communities and win souls and make disciples for Christ.

The impact is incredible. The Word of God is powerful. The Truth does set you free! Many Christians, including pastors, are trapped in false teaching and ignorance and self focused pursuits. HBM partners reach out to these with Bible training and seminars and exciting strategies for the local believers to make an impact for the Lord in their communities. Churches are experiencing revival. Believers are being emboldened to take God’s powerful Gospel to their neighbors, family and friends and foes! Many Souls are being saved and many disciples of Christ are being made. Jesus Saves and Disciples make disciples!

ECFA_Accredited_Final_CMYK_ET2Your KINGDOM investment with Hope Builders Ministries is money well given. There is no huge bureaucratic and administrative cost employing many many office workers and representatives.  90% of every $dollar goes to the mission field and the indigenous partners.

Partner with HBM and Indigenous Ministries and Missionaries in Africa and India. Make an eternal difference winning souls to Christ and making disciples who follow the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.


Jeffrey Hawkins is the country coordinator for Zambia and India with Hope Builders Ministries.

Set Free to Share the Gospel

As in so many parts of the world women are kept “in their place” and not allowed outside of certain traditional and customary boundaries. This is true within the Church as well. There is no doubt that the role of men and women are different but when it comes to the Gospel and sharing the Word of God with your connections the roles are the same. As believers we are all called and commissioned to “make disciples” everywhere we go, with everyone we meet to the end of time (when Jesus comes or calls us home)” Here is the testimony of a sister freed by the preaching of the Word of God and encouraged by a husband and wife team encouraging believers from the Word of God to obey the Great Commission and be Ambassadors for Christ. Listen…

My name is ______, a political leader in my area. I was recently baptized and joined my local church as a member. I told my pastor that I have many networks from my contacts with whom I can share the Word of God. My pastor replied, “…no…you are not eligible to bring them the Word. You are a woman and not called to ministry. It would not be right.” I was very disappointed not to do the ministry. From that time until today I never share about the One True GOD with any one.

But by the GRACE OF GOD and WORD OF GOD through Pastor Prabhukiran I was very much encouraged today. The Lord has revealed to me that I can and should be sharing the Word of God and teaching the Word of God and making women disciples for God. Praise the Lord brother for this wonderful seminar. It challenges us to GO to all the nation for Christ. I never heard about this kind of teaching. Many organizations would come and only focus on healing and giving and sitting. This has been different from them. Now I know that I and all believers are to be SHARING, PRAYING, TEACHING, SENDING, DISCIPLING, GO FOR GOD’S WILL. This kind of teaching is excellent. Please come again brother for the tribal area were I am living. We are praying for HBM.
Thank you!

Hope Builders Ministries mission is to equip, encourage and empower indigenous Christians to make disciples in their communities and everywhere God sends them. You can support indigenous missions HERE

Thank you for praying and sharing.

Jeff Hawkins
Hope Builders Ministries INDIA

The End of Time – Thy Kingdom Come

The study of the End-Times is relevant to our lives today because of the WORLDWIDE changes happening at a very quick pace all around us. With worldwide instant communication available we are all very aware of these rapid developments. This can cause fear and anxiety. The people of God should not be anxious, but instead expectant! We expect the LORD Jesus Christ to come again and complete what He has intended from the beginning, that is, to establish His eternal KINGDOM over the whole universe with MANKIND as His Co-regents.

While we wait in this “time of the Gentiles,” we must remember that the Kingdom is NOT YET, but it is certain.

God, who can not lie, promised to establish this RULE beginning with His promise to Adam and Eve (the SEED) and then to Abraham (the LAND and the innumerable SEED, both Jews and Gentiles) and David (the SEED on the THRONE eternally). Today, we who have believed in the Lord Jesus carry the Kingdom in our hearts, because Christ is IN us.  We also carry the message of the KINGDOM on our lips as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone, everywhere until Jesus returns. This is our “great commission” from Christ. We are KINGDOM PROCLAIMERS.

This “proclamation” is for all to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, so that they too can be sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God. Unless a person is “born again” he can not be a part of the Kingdom of God. It is our calling to PLEAD with mankind to be reconciled to God. How shall they believe in whom they have not heard? How shall they hear unless someone tells them? We all are “sent!”

Will you go and make disciples? Will you have “beautiful feet” and proclaim the good news, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God?

Jeff Hawkins works with and trains indigenous missionaries in Zambia and India.

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