Kasempa and Chililabombwe

The past few days Bill and I have traveled from Chingola to Solwezi to Kasempa and back to Chingola, about 600 miles round trip. Our truck has always been loaded with our luggage and four or five extra pastors. The country side is always beautiful but not near as beautiful as the men and women we are privileged to partner in ministry with here in Zambia.

I have been meeting with District and Hub Leaders reinforcing our mission of disciple-making through the HUB model of pastoral training and church planting. The fact that disciple making will produce more converts than just evangelizing has been a wonderful eye-opener to most.  That you can make three disciples in one year who will in turn make three disciples who make three disciples and so on will make many times more believers than pure evangelism is a fact. For instance, if you make 100 converts to Christ per year for six years you have 600 converts! Praise the Lord! BUT if you make three disciples this year who make three disciples next year who make three disciples the next and so on for 6 years there will be  729 Disciple making Christians in 6 years! and the next year over 2100! Making disciples takes more work and commitment than just sharing the gospel. You have to give yourself completely to the convert who is to be a disciple. Like Paul we must be willing to say “follow me as I follow Christ!”

How we have missed opportunities! But we can all start making disciples today. Lets be disciples of Christ and make disciples as He has commanded us. That is how we can turn the world upside down like the early church did in a few short years.

On my HIMAfrica Picasa web album you can see 50 recent pictures from our travels in Zambia.

Tomorrow we are on the road again going to Mufilira where we hope to meet with some of our Congolese Pastors. From there we will travel back to Lusaka for a night and then off to the Northern Province. Thank you for continuing to partner with us in prayer as we journey and work with our pastors all over Zambia. They are much encouraged when they see us and are always very glad to hear that you are praying for them and sharing in this great ministry of making disciples and planting new churches and training the pastors.

View in route to Kasempa

My Friend and Partner Bill found a “fellow” Marine

Biblical Sized Locust

Go to this link for many more pictures.
Lastest Pic from Zambia

Reinforcing Discipleship and the Hub Model

New Motorcycle for District Leader Titus

Hub Leaders with Pastor Titus in Solwezi Rural District

Typical Bush Church

Built by hand from the earth

Temporary Meeting Place

Church in the City Expanding

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