TESTIMONY from Zambia

DL Vincent MwilaFrom District Leader Vincent Mwila:

One day I was told by one of my church members that there was a man in Masese Village some Kilometers away who had never entered a church building from the time he was born. When I heard this, I sat down and prayed for the man that God would allow me to speak to him. I went to the village where this man was living with my friend Weston. The name of this man was Paison Bwalya and he was 80 years old.

When we reached his home, we asked him if he would like to hear the word of God and he willingly agreed. Without wasting time, we went straight to the Bible and preached Christ to him. The man accepted Christ and we prayed with him and then left to our homes. After 4 days, a boy came to me and informed me about the same man that he was sick and that he wanted to see me. I went to his home and upon seeing me, the man’s face became bright and he asked me to pray with him. Immediately after finishing praying, this man died.

I was the happiest person that day because this man died having Christ in his heart.