India KANDHAMAand Munigada hubs

Odisha District of Hub Pastors in India

HIMIndia is a new work associated with Hope Builders Ministries. In February 2013 I met Bishop (read Pastor) Stephen Prasad face to face for the first time. We had been communicating for 5 years via Skype, email and phone. During that time I introduced him to the HUB model of church planting and disciple making. He was training upwards of 500 Pastors through seminars and month long school sessions. The HUB model taught him to find other faithful men who could train others also (2 Timothy 2:2). Today he has organized 10 Districts with numerous HUBS led by other trained men. Through HIMIndia he provides them with systematic biblical studies to help train them in pastoral theology. Supporters of HIMIndia provide the money that produces and distributes this training material as well as Bibles for these pastors and pastors in training.

YOU can partner with these men by supporting HIMIndia. Many of these men know persecution first hand but all are willing to sacrifice their all for the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that their countrymen might be saved from God’s Wrath and live by the power of God today and forever.

JOIN US ONLINE or Send your financial support to: Hope Builders Ministries/HIMIndia, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943

All contributions in any amount are welcome. At present HIMIndia is operating on $500 per month. The monthly goal for this year is $2000 per month. Will you invest in training pastors in India, planting churches and the salvation of many souls?

Jesus said, “I came that they might have LIFE and that abundantly.”

Pray with us. Partner with us.

Thank you,

Jeff Hawkins/HIMIndia

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