Training Manuals Delivered

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This month Pastor Matthew Daka has made three separate journeys in Zambia delivering the much needed and desired training manuals for the 700 pastoral students in training. He still has several trips to make including Mpika, Mbala and Kasama all in the Northern Province. These trips are long and arduous by bus but this brother makes them with a servant’s heart.

The ministry is divided into 10 Districts. Each District has a pastor leader who is discipling and overseeing at least 10 Hub Leaders who are making 40 disciple making pastors each over the course of 6 to 7 years. There are still several very large regions of Zambia that we have not developed the HUB model in. It is our prayer to saturate Zambia with thousands of churches that have bible trained pastors preaching the Word and making disciples of their congregations. These disciple making congregations zealously continue to spread the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ to hungry souls longing to hear the TRUTH. God the Holy Spirit is drawing and we must be GOING.

You can be an effective and vital part of the great work of God being done in Zambia by these native missionaries. Consider joining us. Monthly gifts of $20 or $200 a month are gratefully appreciated.

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Yours for the Gospel

Jeff Hawkins

Daka Family

Ba Daka and Family

Fulfilling the Great Commission through Disciple-Makers in Africa

What is the ministry and mission of Hope Builders Ministries in Africa/Zambia?

As with all Christian ministry our vision is to win souls and make disciples of men and women to Jesus Christ. Our focus in this vision is disciple making. The Matthew 28 mission statement is “make disciples” by going, baptizing and teaching. Our mission is to “make disciples” and the ministry God has given us to fulfill this mandate is the HUB model of church planting and training pastors who plant churches and train other pastors.


What we believe the Lord has directed us to do is to make disciples in Africa (Zambia in HIMAfrica context) by planting churches and training the pastors who will in turn plant more churches and train new pastors. We do not see our ministry as one that establishes “mission stations” or “Bible schools” with western missionaries, etc. Our center of activity is a “HUB” church that becomes the “training center”led by an indigenous African pastor that will be instrumental in planting up to 40 new churches and training up to 40 new pastors over the course of 6 years.

This Hub Church has the potential of winning 10,000 people to Christ, planting 40 new autonomous evangelical Bible centered churches and training 40 pastors in the Word of God. The average church being 150 to 250 members. We do not try to establish a “mega” church nor do we entertain the cult personalities of “super” ministries that are so rampant today with its false teachers, false doctrine and false focus on size and prosperity and “power.” Our focus is on teaching the Word of God to as many men of God as possible so that individually every believer in the Church of God can know and understand the Word of God for himself and become a follower of Jesus Christ (Christians) and not men.

We believe the best way to be “focused” in  this partnership with indigenous believers in their own countries and cultures. The native pastors already know the language and the culture. It does not take many years and multiple thousands of dollars to “prepare” them for their mission field. They are ready. They don’t need “professionals” to do the work for them. They only need what all preachers need, good Bible training. They have the same Spirit of God. They have the same mandate from God. Therefore they are better equipped by God’s grace to do the work in their own countries and cultures. Instead of taking these men out of their country and culture to be “trained,” we bring the training resources to them and walk beside them in a partnering relationship.

Hope Builders Ministries does not solicit churches in the USA to “duplicate” its church in Africa but instead to MULTIPLY it. Together we work alongside African ministries and ministers to Make Disciples. In partnership with these ministries to date the Lord has planted over 4500 churches in Sub-Sahara Africa in a little over 10 years. Over 1000 churches have been planted in Zambia. To date there are over 70 HUB churches in Zambia of varying degrees of development. These Hub churches cross denominational barriers. There are over 500 pastors in Zambia in Bible training using the Calvary Academics curriculum. Calvary Academics is accredited through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.

HUB pastors are humble men who are not looking for “mega” ministries as portrayed on the television. They are men who will never be wealthy in this life but are rich in heavenly treasure. These are men whose focus is upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ and like the last Apostle, Paul, they do not preach for fame or fortune. Being truly called of God, they preach with a passion that says,”Woe is me if I preach not the Gospel.” They can also say with Paul, “follow me as I follow Christ.” They have an absolute love for Christ and their countrymen who so desperately need Christ. A true pastor’s only need is Christ. No true minister needs another ministry to do the work that God has called him to. All he needs, all we need, is Jesus Christ. He is our great Provision. If the USA ceases to exist or all our human resources vanish away, Jesus Christ will never vanish away. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

This is our Mission and our Mandate.

YOU can partner with Hope Builders Ministries in prayer and financial support for native pastors in Africa. Jesus said, “I will build MY church…” He commands us to “make disciples.”

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Submitted by Jeffrey Hawkins, Zambia Coordinator, Hope Builders Ministries with Dr. Johan Gous, Founder/Director of Hope Builders Ministries

God Saves and Heals today!

Testimony from District Leader Sinoya Sakala, Hope Builders Ministries
Submitted by Jeff Hawkins, Zambia Coordinator, Hope Builders Ministries

Pastor Sinoya Sakala

In mid December 2010 I was approached at home in the evening by a woman in her forties who was in tears. After introductions, she narrated her ordeal to me while sobbing. Her husband George, had recently been employed by a company as a metal fabricator. When prospects were looking brighter, George became very ill. (His bowels were coming out.) He could not sit upright but could only lie down on a couch or bed. The local clinic could not cure him of this malady. (This is not uncommon. There are very few doctors or adequate hospitals and NO health insurance.)
So she had come to me for prayers. I asked her if she knew and believed in Jesus Christ. I discovered from her answers that she was a religious person who believed in salvation by works. She and her family worship at the New Apostolic Church. She professed her faith in Christ after sharing the gospel of Christ with her. Thereafter I prayed for George in absentia. I went visiting with the family the following day. I shared the gospel with George too. Who subsequently professed faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Two days later, George was completely healed and able to get up and move about.
I am currently discipling the couple from their home
Indeed Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. May he alone, be glorified and praised. Amen.
Pastor Sakala is a Bible scholar, discipler of pastors, church planter, apologists and evangelist. We thank the Lord for this man of God. He graduated 14 men last July from our 3 year Calvary Academy. He presently has another class of 10 HUB pastors in training.
Your gifts to Zambia enable Hope Builders Ministries to support this brother in training and equipping men who are called to be pastors but are not able to receive training in colleges.
Jeff Hawkins is the Zambia Coordinator with Hope Builders Ministries.
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