Do Not Be Offended By Me.

I heard a challenging message on the life of John the Baptizer and specifically when he was in prison and about to be martyred. The main verse that captured my thoughts is from Matthew 11:6 in this drama of John’s life. He has lived his life far differently than any other man in total dedication to God. He is the one of Malachi’s prophecy to proclaim the coming of the promised Messiah and make the nation of Israel ready to receive Him by repenting of their sin and believing in HIM, so that Israel can finally experience the Davidic promise of “Heaven on Earth,” the Kingdom Come, the prophecy of Daniel and all the prophets, the personal reign of the God-Man, Yeshua haMashiach, from Israel’s capital, the Zion of God, Jerusalem. BUT it did not happen the way he, John, or they, believing Israel, thought it would!

John not only suffers in prison but he is viciously beheaded out of pure hatred and vengeance. Jesus is cruelly crucified!

Matthew 11:6 Jesus told the John’s disciples to tell him, “Blessed is he who is not OFFENDED by Me.”

Maybe today God has not lived up to your expectations. He has not done things the way you thought He should. Think of the hundreds and maybe thousands of people coming to be healed by Jesus only to be saddened and surprised that He had left the scene. Would they not wonder why He left healing some and not others?

Jesus tells us today, “Don’t be offended by Me.” We must remember that His ways are not our ways, yet His ways are perfect. We must believe that He will keep His promises. He will save all who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He will reward the faithful beyond imagination. He will rule and reign upon this present earth. Jesus will return and we who believe with Him.
Don’t be offended with God and His ways. Trust Him. His promise is to conform us into the image of His dear Son, our Savior, the God-Man, the LORD Jesus Christ.

He does not promise us comfort or wealth or health. He does not promise to deliver us from pain and suffering. In fact, He does promise that our days will be filled with tribulation. He promises us that all those who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer! Paul tells us that the way into His glorious coming Kingdom on Earth is through Suffering. Acts 14:22 Peter teaches us in his epistles to prepare for it. Jesus tells us to “rejoice” in it.

Jesus, the Disciples, the Apostle Paul and thousands, even millions of faithful believers throughout history have suffered immensely and immeasurably for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He did not deliver them. Many yet to come will not be delivered from martyrdom.

Are we better than they? Do we deserve God to do things differently just because we think we have a better plan?

NO, my friend. Do not be offended with the LORD because of the way HE has planned to work in your life and all of life to bring about HIS sovereign will. GOD is GOOD all the TIME and all the TIME, GOD is GOOD.

I highly recommend a little book that was suggested to me. It is the story of John the Baptizer, “The Man in the Third Cell” by Gene Edwards. Get in on Amazon, new or used, it is a short 90 minute read, and worth the time.


A Word from the WORD about Suffering

Zambian Pastor's Bible

Zambian Pastor’s Bible

A Word from the WORD:
Reading 1 Peter this morning the Lord reminded me that suffering against sin is the struggle of our lives, as a believer, that we MUST go through to attain the glory that is our inheritance with Christ when He appears.

The theme of this letter to believers scattered all over the world is to “embrace” suffering in view of the GLORY to follow, if we stand firm in the Faith.

Salvation from the wages of sin was gained through the suffering of Christ. Salvation is not a one point in time event, other than its beginning, for us. Salvation embraces all of life past, present and future. Our spirit was saved the movement we believe when the Holy Spirit was given to us. Our SOUL is being saved daily as we walk in the Spirit overcoming the world, flesh and devil. Our bodies will be saved in the first resurrection guaranteed by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Peter (and especially Paul) teaches us that our present suffering prepares us for future glory (Romans 8:28). That future glory is at the parousia, the Appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, when He returns to establish His Kingdom on Earth. IF we suffer against the world, flesh and devil now we will experience greater glory to the glory of God then. (This is the PRIZE.)

Peter closes the letter with his expressed purpose for writing (by the Holy Spirit). He wrote to encourage the scattered saints to stand firm in God’s Grace to suffer with Christ now for future glory with Christ when He returns. Praise the Lord