Indigenous Missions in Zambia

Sharing the Gospel

Sharing the Gospel

November 2014 Musenga HBMZ Conference

HBMZ Leadership Conference

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Jeff Hawkins HBM Zambia Coordinator

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HBM Zambia Leadership Team

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HBM Zambia Board of Directors

When indigenous Christians evangelize and disciple their own people marvelous things happen! New Testament things! Churches are planted and disciples are made. When one observes the missionary efforts of Paul we see that he spent very little time in the places where he and his team took the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They laid the foundation planting the church and appointing elders and then moved on to the next strategic location. Church growth came from the local church evangelizing, baptizing the converts into the local church and then teaching them to obey the Word of God. They made disciples! The spread of the Gospel to the interior region came from the indigenous believers.

This is what we see happening in Zambia. In the year 2000 Hope Builders Ministries began working with an indigenous ministry in Zambia. This mission focused on encouraging, enabling and empowering the Zambian church to evangelize their own people and plant new churches and make disciples. Hope Builders Ministries’ part in this was to help them to train their pastors and leaders. HBM continues to do that today.

The way the Lord has done this is by giving HBM the HUB model of disciple making. This model follows Jesus’ example of 1 on 3 disciple making. Implementing this strategy in Zambia has resulted in multiple thousands of new believers and churches in the 15 years that HBM has been partnered with the Zambian Church.

Today there are over 1972 pastors in training with Hope Builders Ministries Zambia, a registered and Zambian led ministry. Each of the pastors participate in a 3 year Bible training program produced by Calvary Academics in South Africa. HBM purchases this material and delivers it to the HBMZ office in Lusaka. The Administrator, Matthew Daka then oversees the distribution of this material to the far corners of Zambia and the men in training with HBMZ.

Regional and district leaders oversee the implementation and quality of the training. The US Zambian Coordinator works closely with the Regional Leaders and HBMZ Administrator to access needs and represent US partners to HBMZ and HBMZ to their US partners.

Today Hope Builders Ministries continues to support this indigenous ministry through the faithful gifts of partners in the USA.

Making Disciples Who Make Disciples: The HUB-Model

HUB Model

HUB Model

HIMAfrica is the ministry of Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins partnered with Hope Builders Ministry in Zambia. Jeff is the country coordinator for this indigenous ministry. In 2010 HBMZambia was officially organized and is comprised of a Zambian board of directors and 22 Zambian district leaders overseeing more than 1500 indigenous Zambian pastors in training. These men are missionary pastors planting churches and making disciples in their own communities, involving many different cultures and languages.

Zambia is a large and diverse country. It is the size of Texas, that is half the size of Europe and would cover much of the Southeastern part of the United States. It is home to more than 13 million souls speaking over 70 different languages. English is the official language used in government and schools and this helps to bridge the language barrier to “English only” speaking people to the many different language groups. But most Africans are multilingual speaking 4 and more languages fluently. Zambian Christians are very capable to carry the Gospel to the other cultures and languages around them.

The GOAL and MISSION of this ministry is to “saturate Zambia with bible believing and teaching churches with trained pastors.”

Hope Builders Ministries desires to help the Zambian church fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples BY MAKING DISCIPLES.

Disciple making is our focus. The Matthew 28 mission statement is “make disciples” by going with the Gospel to the lost, baptizing the new believers into the local Church and continually teaching them the Word of God, to the ends of the earth to the end of time. The ministry method God has given us to effectively accomplish this mandate is the HUB model of church planting and pastoral training that multiplies church planting and pastoral training.

Pastor Titus and his Disciples

Pastor Titus and his Disciples

The HUB Model

What we believe the Lord has directed us to do is to make disciples in Africa (Zambia in HIMAfrica context) by training the pastors who will in turn plant churches and disciple new pastors. We do not see our ministry as one that establishes “mission stations” or “bible schools” with western missionaries.. Our mission center is a “HUB” church that becomes the “training center and bible school” led by an indigenous African pastor who will be instrumental in training as many as 40 new pastors and planting 40 new churches over the course of 7 years.

How Does It Work? Multiplication vs. Addition

The Hub concept forms the basis upon which our entire Ministry operates as we serve rural communities in Africa. A Hub Leader is commissioned to multiply himself in three other men. This discipling of three others begins within the first year of his own training. At the beginning of his second year of training he begins to teach what he has learned in his first year. This process multiplies itself as the new disciples will also begin training 3 disciples in their second year. By the time the first disciple finishes his 3 years of training he will be instrumental in the training of 39 other men. Working together with this ever growing circle of God-called men they evangelize villages and plant churches which these men will pastor.

Evangelizing a Village

Evangelizing a Village

Within the villages that are being evangelized discipleship groups are formed with the men and women, boys and girls that come to know Christ. These become the village churches as Bible classes are set up to train Disciple-Makers who continue to reach out to their community representing the Lord Jesus Christ to lost souls.

The Hub Leader is a believer who “duplicates” himself in the leaders identified to head the churches that are planted in the villages. Jesus said that the disciple will look like his teacher (Luke 6:40). Paul told the Thessalonian and Corinthian churches to “imitate him.” (see 1 Corinthians 4:6, 11:1; 1 Thessalonians 1:6; 2 Thessalonians 3:7, 9) The Word of God tells us that we should also imitate those who walked by faith before us in Hebrews 6:12 and to imitate our church leaders in Hebrews 13:7. Ultimately the goal is that we all imitate God (Ephesians 5:1). This is the disciple making model given to us in the New Testament.

The training process consists of regular classroom teaching and an apprenticeship style, hands-on, in service mentoring to ensure that the pastors-in-training are able to practically and effectively lead their churches. The curriculum used to train the Pastors consists of 12 manuals taking about three years to complete.

Church in Kasempa

Church in Kasempa

In this manner a Hub grows from the Hub Church to as many as 40 churches planted in villages within walking and bicycling distance of the Hub Church. On average each Hub will grow to serve between 4,000 and 10,000 members, depending upon the demography, over the seven year period it takes the leaders to complete the 3 phases of the training program.

YOU can get involved by partnering with us in supporting the training of pastors and planting of new churches. Your gift in any amount supports the discipling of these indigenous pastors.

It costs $300 a month to take a HUB  through all three phases of the training or $25,200 in 7 years. Less than HALF what it costs to keep ONE western missionary on the field for ONE year.

Kasama DL Benjamin Chabali and familyHIMAfrica in partnership with Hope Builders Ministries is seeking partners in the USA to help train pastors and establish churches all over Zambia and Africa. We work alongside other Christian ministries and pastors in Africa to do this. In partnership with these ministries to date the Lord has used HBM to trained over 6000 pastors in Africa in  13 years. Over 1500 new churches have been planted in Zambia alone. There are 22 HUB Districts (10 hubs each) in Zambia overseeing hundreds of men in varying degrees of training. These Hub churches work across denominational barriers. There are over 1500 pastors in Zambia in Bible training using the Mini Bible College curriculum today.

God has raised up Hope Builders Ministries to come along side Indigenous Pastors who have a heart to be “disciple makers.” Hub Pastors are men who are not about themselves, but about obeying the mandate of Jesus Christ to “make disciples.” Jesus said, “I will build MY church…” Like Paul we help them to build upon the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are looking for indigenous men who will submit themselves to being trained in the Word of God and use the HUB model to plant churches and disciple other pastors to do the same.

This is our Mission and Mandate.


India KANDHAMAand Munigada hubs

Odisha District of Hub Pastors in India

HIMIndia is a new work associated with Hope Builders Ministries. In February 2013 I met Bishop (read Pastor) Stephen Prasad face to face for the first time. We had been communicating for 5 years via Skype, email and phone. During that time I introduced him to the HUB model of church planting and disciple making. He was training upwards of 500 Pastors through seminars and month long school sessions. The HUB model taught him to find other faithful men who could train others also (2 Timothy 2:2). Today he has organized 10 Districts with numerous HUBS led by other trained men. Through HIMIndia he provides them with systematic biblical studies to help train them in pastoral theology. Supporters of HIMIndia provide the money that produces and distributes this training material as well as Bibles for these pastors and pastors in training.

YOU can partner with these men by supporting HIMIndia. Many of these men know persecution first hand but all are willing to sacrifice their all for the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that their countrymen might be saved from God’s Wrath and live by the power of God today and forever.

JOIN US ONLINE or Send your financial support to: Hope Builders Ministries/HIMIndia, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943

All contributions in any amount are welcome. At present HIMIndia is operating on $500 per month. The monthly goal for this year is $2000 per month. Will you invest in training pastors in India, planting churches and the salvation of many souls?

Jesus said, “I came that they might have LIFE and that abundantly.”

Pray with us. Partner with us.

Thank you,

Jeff Hawkins/HIMIndia

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2012 Hope Builders Ministries ZAMBIA


Hope Builders Ministries Zambia Leaders

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Polygamy in Zambia – Regional Leader James Bwalya

Zambia Provinces and Districts


Muchinga Province became the 10th province in Zambia when the government separated it out of the southern part of the Northern Province and the northern part of the Eastern Province. Muchinga Province consists of 6 districts: Mpika (largest in Zambia), Chinsali, Chama, Isoka, Mafinga and Nakonde.

Pastor James Bwalya is the HBM Zambia Regional Leader over this Province. In 2007 Pastor Solomon Muleya (Mpika District) recruited and trained Pastor Bwalya. Since that time these two brothers have trained literally hundreds of new pastors and have been instrumental in the planting of hundreds of new churches. Pastor Solomon is the HBMZ District Leader of Mpika.

The following is the September report from Pastor Bwalya.

Pastors James Bwalya and Solomon Muleya

My working with Hope Builders Ministries is a blessing from God. May God our creator bless the ministry in all what they are doing.

The work that has been done from 2007 to 2009 is that we (Pastors Muleya and Bwalya) had 18 students. Twelve out of this number have completed a three year course. These same students started opening churches in 2009 and had 10 disciples each (Pastor Bwalya became their leader and Pastor Muleya continued building Mpika District). The eleven Hubs opened are completing this year 2012 in December and they too will start teaching others.

This month I wanted to visit Isoka and Mafinga districts but unfortunately God did not allow me to go due to the fact that we had a funeral and sickness in our area. However, I and Vincent Mwila a District leader visited Mapampa and Ilondola Hubs. We went there to encourage the Hub leaders and their disciples. I also visited the Hubs in Chama district with Horris Malisa and Hub leader Donald Mvula. We encouraged the disciples to go and make other disciples before opening new churches. During this visit, we met a group that teaches people to have many wives (polygamist). This sect is called Chipangano (New Covenant) church. We felt very sorry for them and we preached the Gospel to them and 3 of their leaders submitted their lives to Jesus Christ. These 3 men have even invited us to be guest speakers at their convention meeting in October next month.

As looked at this area, I was touched in my spirit as there are no schools or hospitals and many children are left without proper parental guidance. I appeal to the ministry to help us start a pre-school or an orphanage in Chama district.

James Bwalya,

Regional Leader, Muchinga Province, Zambia