India KANDHAMAand Munigada hubs

Odisha District of Hub Pastors in India

HIMIndia is a new work associated with Hope Builders Ministries. In February 2013 I met Bishop (read Pastor) Stephen Prasad face to face for the first time. We had been communicating for 5 years via Skype, email and phone. During that time I introduced him to the HUB model of church planting and disciple making. He was training upwards of 500 Pastors through seminars and month long school sessions. The HUB model taught him to find other faithful men who could train others also (2 Timothy 2:2). Today he has organized 10 Districts with numerous HUBS led by other trained men. Through HIMIndia he provides them with systematic biblical studies to help train them in pastoral theology. Supporters of HIMIndia provide the money that produces and distributes this training material as well as Bibles for these pastors and pastors in training.

YOU can partner with these men by supporting HIMIndia. Many of these men know persecution first hand but all are willing to sacrifice their all for the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that their countrymen might be saved from God’s Wrath and live by the power of God today and forever.

JOIN US ONLINE or Send your financial support to: Hope Builders Ministries/HIMIndia, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943

All contributions in any amount are welcome. At present HIMIndia is operating on $500 per month. The monthly goal for this year is $2000 per month. Will you invest in training pastors in India, planting churches and the salvation of many souls?

Jesus said, “I came that they might have LIFE and that abundantly.”

Pray with us. Partner with us.

Thank you,

Jeff Hawkins/HIMIndia

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2012 Zambia Mission

Training Pastors in Zambia

Prayer Requests: 2012 Zambia Mission
My flight to Zambia yesterday had to be delayed because of passport issues. Hopefully this will be resolved in a few days. Please pray that I will have it soon.
Another prayer request is for additional funds for the work to be done while in Zambia. Would you prayerfully consider presenting this ministry to your contacts, church and associates to help with the expenses of this trip and future ministry in Zambia?
Here are the things I will be focusing on while in Zambia (May 22 – July 13).
1. Pastoral training Our main mission is to train pastors and raise up new pastors in the Word of God. I will be encouraging the leaders in this training and conducting as many leadership seminars as time and money allow. The emphasis is on the centrality of the Word of God in their ministries, proper Bible Study Methods and use of the training material as well as the implementation of the Hub Model of Discipleship.
2. Distribution of training material to over 1400 pastors presently in training or waiting to start. (There are over 1000 pastors besides these that are praying for training.)
3. The establishment of 3 new areas of ministry – Kafue, Mansa, and Kabwe.
4. The organization of a new Region This will be the combining of 5 districts into the Muchinga Region under the leadership of Pastor James Bwalya.
5. Encouragement of the work in the extreme Northwestern Province around Kabompo. This is a very difficult area because of its remoteness. Pastor George Masela is the District Leader there and needs our encouragement.
6. Outreach in Rural Livingstone area, working with our pastors there.
7. DRC There will also be contact with our work in DRC on the border of Zambia. The District Leader, pastor Deco, is waiting on French training material and Swahili Bibles. We will also instruct and encourage him and his leaders in the HUB model of discipleship.
As you can see there is much that is hoped to be accomplished. Please partner with us, the pastor-missionaries and me, as we strengthen their hands with pastoral training, bibles, ministry tools and encouragement in the work they are doing.
Specifically the need is for a minimum of $5000.  Give Here
Your gift can be mailed to: Hope Builders Ministries, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 Designate Zambia
Hope Builders Ministries is committed to the indigenous missionary. The incredible work that God is doing in many remote places through them is marvelous to behold. We have the privilege in our day to partner with them. HBM is your ambassador overseeing the proper distribution of funds and the quality of the work. We have personally witnessed God’s favor with our brothers as they are trained in the Word and encouraged by the Western Church with the resources we take for granted.
Nchelenga Leadership Conference

Leadership Training Seminar

6500 indigenous pastors are in Bible training at the present moment with Hope Builders Ministries in 8 African countries.  1400 of these are in Zambia. This biblical training of pastors affects multiple thousands of believers in the congregations of these pastors. New congregations/churches are continuously being founded as the Word of God spreads in remote areas where multiple languages and cultures are not a barrier to these indigenous witnesses for Christ.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us. We will be honored to be your ambassadors to indigenous pastoral and church planting missions in Africa.
Making Disciples in Africa,
Jeff Hawkins (HIMAfrica)

12 pastors in 2009 become 75 in 2012!

Pastor Chali

Pastor Makanta

Pastor Makanta













KAWAMBWA is the capital of the Luapula (WAH-POO-LA) Province of Zambia. It is beautiful country. Bill, Matthew and I traveled through it last May and were dazzled by the beautiful, lush country with rolling hills and lots of waterways. We drove through canopies of tree lined dirt roads for miles and miles. When we arrived in the city we were met by two young pastors, Ebeneezer Chali and Thomas Makanta. I first met these young men at a conference on the Copperbelt in September 2009. There they received their first set of training manuals for their new hub of 12 pastors to train. The course of study was Values of Christ and The Gospel and Acts.

My friend Steve Warren and I traveled to Kawambwa later that month in 2009 where we met and encouraged Ebeneezer and Thomas. God provided them with a new bicycle each. They were very happy with that gift as it enabled them to travel to the distant churches much easier, to plant new churches and to train new pastors.

Today March 28, 2012 I received their latest report on the work in Kawambwa. The original 12 pastors are now 75 pastors in training. 27 of these men will begin their studies in May when the new material is delivered.

The heart of Hope Builders Ministries is “Equipping Disciples to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples.” It is the biblical principle of 2 Timothy 2:2. Our pastors in training are in a course to study a 3 year Bible Curriculum under the tutelage of trained pastor. To graduate each pastor in training must make 3 disciples, a “Peter, James and John.” They will work with their disciple pastors to establish three new churches winning people to Christ in the villages they have chosen.

Church saturation is the goal. Remote areas that have had no gospel witness now have a growing Christian community being led by a trained pastor. The community of believers are taught to “make disciples” and in turn reach even deeper into the rural community. Many times a whole village or chiefdom are won to Christ and then neighboring villages.

Faithful churches and individuals in the United States partner with the Lord and the HUB Pastors in Zambia to make this possible. $300 per month supports the work that faithful men like Ebeneezer and Thomas to grow 12 churches with trained pastors into 75 in less than three years! By 2014 all of these will have completed their training and hundreds more will have come into training.

Each church averages over 100 souls!

Share this story with your church, small group or Sunday School class and sponsor a Hub. YOU will be a part of planting scores of churches and winning thousands of souls to Christ. In eternity you will have the JOY of meeting people that are there because you cared and shared in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.