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Prabhu and Swarna Rambabu

Prabhu and Swarna Rambabu

Greetings friends and blessed Christmas!
Remembering that our Savior came the first time reminds us that HE will come again just as He has promised! Praise the Lord. HIS Kingdom Come! Until then He has called us, commissioned us to “Make Disciples” of all people, everywhere until His return. Amen!

In Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and India, HIMAfrica and HIMIndia has been busy doing just that! In Zambia over 2000 pastors are in bible training, DRC 300, and India over 2000! Praise the Lord!

Our task is to support this mission in the “uttermost” parts of the earth. Through your gifts 50 key leaders are being supported to organize and train these 4300 plus pastors in three countries. Bibles and training manuals as well as bicycles and motorcycles are being supplied when the funds are available.

Regional and District Leaders

Regional and District Zambia and DRC Leaders

Your gifts are used 100% for this purpose. Only 10% or less is used to administer your gifts (bank drafts, mailings, etc). They are not used to “pay” me. The Lord provides for our support separately.

This year has seen giving drop by over 25%! The recession has hit hard and people are fearful. Christian Foundations who use to provide funding for the manuals have completely disappeared and yet over $30,000 was needed for training manuals. God provided as we cut ministry in other areas.

Motorcycles multiply the leaders ministries 10 fold.

Motorcycles multiply the leaders ministries 10 fold.

The point is that God does provide and I want to encourage you to be a part of that provision. Your MONTHLY gift of $25 or $50 or $100 is HUGE and it provides for the sustaining mission of HIMAfrica and HIMIndia to train pastors, plant churches and make disciples.

I am working in Zambia, DRC and India. I need your partnership to continue this mission. The LORD will provide. Will you be a part?

GIVE securely online at http://www.HBMin.org/donate and under Associate Ministries go to HIMInda or Hope Builders Ministries Zambia. Please consider a SUSTAINING gift of $25 or more every month.

You can also give by check to: HOPE Builders Minstries, POBox 317, Greenwood, VA 22943         BE sure to designate ZAMBIA, DRC or INDIA OR you can just write JEFF”S MISSION and I will put it where it is most needed in one of the three countries.

 It is Christmas time. Your year end gift will be so appreciated.
GIVE a Gift that will be an investment in eternity.

Thank you and God bless you!

Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins 2015

Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins 2015

Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins