Go and Tell

Sermon on the Mount before baptisms

The Mission of the Church is the Great Commission as given in the Gospels and Acts 1:8. Paraphrased it is, “Make Disciples of everyone, empowered by the Holy Spirit, representing Jesus Christ, as you go everywhere, all the time, to the end of time with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, baptizing new believers into the church and teaching them everything Christ has taught in His Word.”LIVINGSTONE MISSION

This is the mission. All believers are missionaries. All of us are to be constantly on MISSION. To go on a “mission” trip is like saying we are on mission sometimes, but not all the time.  Our mindset must be that as a follower, a disciple, of Jesus Christ “I am on a Mission Trip until I see Jesus face to face.”

July 2009 Zambia OutreachJesus is the first and foremost missionary having left His dwelling place in heaven and come to this world to “seek and to save the lost.”  Since Jesus has gone back to heaven, we are His representatives, His ambassadors. As His ambassadors and ministers of His peace plan, we are to be begging everyone, as if it were God Himself, “Make peace with God by accepting His only peace plan, Jesus Christ.” We are to love people as God “so loved” all people. HE gave His One and Only Son as a sacrifice for the sins of the whole world, so that whoever would believe in Jesus Christ, the God-Man, would have eternal life. “He who has the Son, has eternal life.”Summer 2009 Missions Opportunity

For our families, neighbors, co-workers, even the strangers we meet in passing, yes, everyone all over the world, to be saved they must “HEAR” the Gospel message. NO one can believe if they do not hear the truth. “Faith comes by hearing the Word of Christ.”

God is conscience of the whole world’s need of salvation, “for all have sinned and come short of God’s glory.” We too must be constantly aware that everyone needs to be saved, not just those in Africa or India or South America. It would seem logical to realize that our first area of responsibility is our Jerusalem, but it does not end there. It extends to the ends of the earth.

The Mission is the Great Commission. Are we sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to everyone, everywhere, all the time? This is our mission.

Malawi Mission Team News

These brothers led the man in the open shirt to Christ.


Go and tell someone today.