Adventures in Zambia

The following is the report from the HBMZ administrator Matthew Daka concerning their 800 mile round trip to Mansa to deliver training material and encourage the  Hub pastors.

We started our journey to Mansa at 7 o’clock am on Good Friday the 29th March 2013. I was accompanied by Brother Sinoya Sakala and my brother Stephen who was our driver. We put a full tank of fuel at the filling station and topped up the brake fluid. The cost of the fuel was K 465 ($93). Passing through Kapri Mposhi we followed great north road toward Serenje.  Mansa trip adventure 004We rested there and had our lunch. We also checked the vehicle and all seemed okay. About half way along Tuta road (Serenje to Mansa) we had our first tire burst in front on the right side of the vehicle. Sakala and I were frightened by the noise of the tire burst as the vehicle was now dragging on the right side of the road. Thank God because my brother did not step on the brakes but concentrated on controlling the steeling. Finally the car stopped on the right side 0f the road and we came off safely praising the Lord for saving us. The front fender was slightly damaged and the right side mirror had been broken by the peeled off rubber from the wheel.

Mansa trip adventure 005We took the spare wheel and fitted it to the car. We also did some inspection on the remaining tires but the temperature was normal. After completing the replacement of the spare wheel, we started off and drove for less than 10 minutes and we heard another bang on the front tire. This time it was easy for my brother to control the car as we were driving at about 60kpm (35mph). I decided that Brother Sinoya and Stephen remain at the scene to watch for the vehicle while I travel to Samfya to look for Mansa trip adventure 001spare tires.

I was given a lift by a Good Samaritan on his way to Mansa. While I was in this vehicle on the way to Samfya turn off, we had a tire burst at the rear too! Thank God that they too had a spare wheel which they quickly fitted and we started off on our journey. When we arrived Samfya turn off, I caught another car which took me to Samfya. Since it was a holiday, many shops were closed but I managed to find one which was open and they had the 16 inch tires though they were not the right size as the ones on the vehicle. I bought two new tires $280 and fitted one on the wheel which I had come with.

I took a cab back to the turn off (Samfya/Mansa). Once there I found a mini bus going to Lusaka and I boarded it. It was at about 8:40 PM when I reached our vehicle with Sakala and Stephen. We fitted the wheel onto the car and we drove slowly to Mansa. We arrived at Happy’s, my brother in-law, at midnight.

Mansa trip adventure 028The following morning, I told my brother Stephen to make another spare wheel with the tire that I bought in Samfya while Sakala and I went to meet the pastors from Lubwe who we asked to come to Mansa. We met the men in town and went Kaluba’s place were the rest of the men were waiting for us and started our meeting with a prayer. I spoke to the pastors on the need to communicate to us after which I explained to them about the hub model. Also Sinoya encouraged the men and shared the vision of HBMZ. After encouraging the brothers, we gave them 3 sets of training manuals. The following are the books which we gave them: – Old Testament part 3, Values of Christ and Gospel and Acts. Two brothers came from Lubwe and after the meeting; we reimbursed them the transport money they had used. We finally had some snacks with the men and left them after a word of prayer.

When we finished we went to Happy’s home and found Stephen had made a spare wheel for the vehicle. He put the new tires in front which were the same size so that the car is balanced. We spent the night with Happy and his family. Early in the morning we left Mansa on our way back to Lusaka using the DRC route which is shorter as we were told that the road has been graded. We crossed into DRCongo and did all the border formalities. The road was bad in some portions, but we had a safe trip and entered Zambia again through the Kasumbalesa border post.

When we crossed over, we decided to meet Robinson Muzeya in Murundu, since he is very near the border. We found him and had a time of fellowship with him. I collected some French manuals which I intend to give to DL Mulenga Nkole so that he can give them to Pst. Makopo (DRC) whenever he asks for the copies. We left Robinson and passed through Mufulira taking the shortest route to Ndola. It was on this road that we had our third tire burst at the rear on the left side. We stopped safely as we were driving slowly and replaced the tire with the spare wheel. When we reached Ndola, I decided that we cannot proceed to Lusaka without a spare wheel. So we had to buy a used tire at K270 ($52) and made a spare wheel.

We finally reached Lusaka safely. The following day I took the car to our friend and mechanic Frank who looked at it and he fixed the fender. What remains is to look for the front right side mirror and fix it. Frank also reminded us that when we get a car from Japan, we need to replace all the tires as these are exposed to the sun and having passed through salt water in the ocean.

Pastor Matthew Daka

Pastor Matthew Daka

Passing through this experience the Lord showed us what needed to be done to the car and kept us safe. I am once again grateful to you our Brothers and Sisters in the US for your prayers. Indeed you are our true friends and partners in this noble work of our King Jesus of bringing many souls to His Kingdom.  God bless you all.


Pastor Matthew Daka

HBMZ Administrator Zambia

Making Disciples with the HUB Model

HUB Model

HUB Model


The Lord Jesus Christ has commanded all believers to be disciples and disciple-makers everywhere you go, of everybody who responds to the Gospel (GK: ethnos, ethnic groups), all the time (Matthew 28:18-20).  This command is just that, a command, not an option, for  everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Hope Builders Ministries’ heartbeat is to obey this command and to help other believers obey it as well (disciple making). In Africa HBM uses a disciple-making strategy called the “HUB” model. 2 Timothy 2:2 declares this model when Paul says to Timothy, by the Holy Spirit, “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”  This is a four generation strategy to continually be producing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Disciples are made not born. Believers are born by the Spirit of God when they hear and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Who He is and What He has done). Disciples are made when a believer who has become a disciple begins to win people to Christ and teach them to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the context of the local church.

HBM, working in Africa, partners with indigenous missionaries to equip them to make disciples who make disciples.  The Native Missionary/Pastor becomes a mentor of other pastors. While being trained, he, with the guidance of his trainer, identifies 3 other disciple pastors who are willing to be trained and mentored in the Word of God and pastoral leadership. At the same time the pastor’s local church is being built up in the Word of God as he teaches what he is learning. The local church is learning to reach out with the Gospel in obedience to the Command of Christ to make disciples.

HBM provides a 3 year Bible Curriculum that is taught by the discipler to his students, as well as Study Bibles to the pastors and Bibles to the believers.

With this model HBM Zambia has experienced tremendous growth. In two years 1500 men have been brought into pastoral training, some have been pastors for a long time, many are new. All are church planting disciple-makers. We anticipate another 1000 new men in training in 2013.

Today there are over 150 HUBS growing  in Zambia.          PRAISE THE LORD!


Polygamy in Zambia – Regional Leader James Bwalya

Zambia Provinces and Districts


Muchinga Province became the 10th province in Zambia when the government separated it out of the southern part of the Northern Province and the northern part of the Eastern Province. Muchinga Province consists of 6 districts: Mpika (largest in Zambia), Chinsali, Chama, Isoka, Mafinga and Nakonde.

Pastor James Bwalya is the HBM Zambia Regional Leader over this Province. In 2007 Pastor Solomon Muleya (Mpika District) recruited and trained Pastor Bwalya. Since that time these two brothers have trained literally hundreds of new pastors and have been instrumental in the planting of hundreds of new churches. Pastor Solomon is the HBMZ District Leader of Mpika.

The following is the September report from Pastor Bwalya.

Pastors James Bwalya and Solomon Muleya

My working with Hope Builders Ministries is a blessing from God. May God our creator bless the ministry in all what they are doing.

The work that has been done from 2007 to 2009 is that we (Pastors Muleya and Bwalya) had 18 students. Twelve out of this number have completed a three year course. These same students started opening churches in 2009 and had 10 disciples each (Pastor Bwalya became their leader and Pastor Muleya continued building Mpika District). The eleven Hubs opened are completing this year 2012 in December and they too will start teaching others.

This month I wanted to visit Isoka and Mafinga districts but unfortunately God did not allow me to go due to the fact that we had a funeral and sickness in our area. However, I and Vincent Mwila a District leader visited Mapampa and Ilondola Hubs. We went there to encourage the Hub leaders and their disciples. I also visited the Hubs in Chama district with Horris Malisa and Hub leader Donald Mvula. We encouraged the disciples to go and make other disciples before opening new churches. During this visit, we met a group that teaches people to have many wives (polygamist). This sect is called Chipangano (New Covenant) church. We felt very sorry for them and we preached the Gospel to them and 3 of their leaders submitted their lives to Jesus Christ. These 3 men have even invited us to be guest speakers at their convention meeting in October next month.

As looked at this area, I was touched in my spirit as there are no schools or hospitals and many children are left without proper parental guidance. I appeal to the ministry to help us start a pre-school or an orphanage in Chama district.

James Bwalya,

Regional Leader, Muchinga Province, Zambia

BIG Vision in Zambia

The Vision Statement for Hope Builders Ministries Zambia is to “Saturate Zambia with Bible believing churches with trained pastors“.

This is a BIG vision and I think one that is worthy of our expectations of our BIG God “who desires that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” It was William Carey who said “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” This is a worthy aspiration for all true disciple making believers of Jesus Christ.

To accomplish this vision we must believe not only that God can do it (He Can!), but that it is also His desire to do it. I believe it is. The Lord has established His Church as His ambassador on earth. The local church is that ambassador in any given locale. A healthy local church makes a better representation than an unhealthy church.

Healthy churches must be bible centered and need pastors whose priority it is to teach and preach “the Book.” This is especially critical in a place that has very few Bibles per believer. Zambia is “saturated” with cults and false prophets, but not Bibles, nor Bible centered churches, nor Bible trained pastors. Many churches will have only one or two old copies of the Bible. Many rural churches will not have Bibles in their “heart” language. Many churches will not have a trained pastor. Well trained pastors are crucial to Christ’s Church because they have the mandate to “equip the saints to do work of the ministry, building up the church to become unified in THE FAITH and in THE KNOWLEDGE of God’s Son, GROWING into mature believers who looks like Christ” (Ephesians 4:12 – 13 paraphrased). This can only happen as believers love, learn and live the Word of God and trained pastors are an integral part of this spiritual equation.

Christ Jesus Himself gave “some” gifted men to the Church for this very purpose. Gifted men need to be trained. Disciple-making and training does not happen in a vacuum. The individual mandate is for pastors to “be diligent and study” to become good workers in the Word. The corporate mandate is to “make disciples/train followers.” Pastoral training should not be the exception but the rule for God-called men. The pursuit of training approves the “call” and accomplishing it qualifies the called. Learning the disciplines of good Bible study and pastoral care as well as a thorough understanding of the Word of God are part and parcel of being an Ephesians 4 pastor-teacher or evangelist (church planter). Jesus, our example, Himself being “called” “learned obedience through the things He suffered”. In fact, training should be the life long pursuit of the “God-called” man.

This “corporate” mandate to make disciples is the driver to accomplishing the mission in Zambia. Jesus said that the “disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained (discipled) will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40). Paul instructed the Corinthians to “follow/imitate me as I follow/imitate Christ”(1 Cor. 11:1). HBM Zambia pastors in the pastoral training program are all being discipled and becoming disciple makers with the goal that all look like “Jesus”. The goal of the District Leader is to be  discipling at least 10 “HUB” leaders who in turn are discipling their “Peter, James and John” who will also make three disciples to the 4th generation (2 Timothy 2:2). It is the goal of each District to develop and train up to 400 pastors and plant and/or build up 400 churches in a 6 to 7 year period using the “1 to 3” HUB Model. Today Zambia has 22 Districts and 147 HUB leaders training hundreds of men. In late 2008 there was 1 LARGE district and  35 HUB leaders and churches. The Lord is blessing the “disciple making” process.

It is the dream and vision of HBM Zambia that the 22 Districts become 9000 trained pastors and churches by 2020. I fully expect to have over 30 districts by 2015.

This follows the motto of Hope Builders Ministries, “Equipping Disciple to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples”. The “1 to 3” HUB Model is the method HBM uses to accomplish its mission.

This year 400 new pastors have been brought into pastoral training and discipleship. In November another 600 will join the training.

HBM Zambia has a BIG Vision and we are confident that our BIG God will continue to empower us and YOU to “Saturate Zambia with Bible believing churches with trained pastors.”

Jeff Hawkins is the HBM Zambia Coordinator working with Hope Builders Ministries, Greenwood, VA.

(If you would like Jeff to speak to your church, missions team or small-group contact him at:

Zambia Mission

May 15 begins a two month mission in Zambia for Jeff.  The mission will include distributing over 2500 new training manuals, conducting a District Leaders conference and starting 5 new HUBs in the Mansa, Kafue and Kabwe areas. Jeff also hopes to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet and work with District Leaders there. Lou Ann will be joining him the last two weeks of the trip with a team from the USA.

Prayer requests:
  1. The training manuals must be transported from South Africa through Zimbabwe and into Zambia. It is a very large distribution requiring a large vehicle and trailer or shipping commercially. Either way is expensive and logistically difficult.
  2. Traveling in the country is expensive – cost of fuel and wear on the vehicle – condition of the roads.
  3. Health: malaria and “fly” born sicknesses are always concerns.
  4. Safety for the 25 pastors as they travel to the conference to be held in Murundu. The conference will cost $3000 and includes food, lodging and travel expenses.
  5. Total estimated cost of the trip is $10,000.
  6. That in all things known and unknown, seen and unforeseen that Jesus Christ will be glorified and the Pastors edified in Zambia.