NEW HQ Needed in Zambia

Hello Friends. I am posting a quick note about a need we have in Zambia. It is our desire to purchase some property to establish a headquarters and distribution center for HBM Zambia. We have been working out of the Administrator’s home (Matthew Daka) and have outgrown it. The center will also serve as a ministry to orphans in the area and a training center for pastors around Lusaka.

We have located some land, 6 acres, near Pastor Matthew’s home. It has a house, garage, large chicken run and two wells on it. It will need renovation. It has a lot of good tillable land for growing vegetables and fruit trees.

The asking price is $30,000. We have $15,000 available and are asking the Lord to raise up partners for the other $15,000 plus some “extra” to start the renovations.

Please pray with us. It has been amazing what the Lord has done with the ministry in Zambia. CLICK HERE for the report from 2012 and the plans/projects for 2013.

Here are some pictures of the Property.

Thank you for praying with us!