Graduation in Zambia

I received this letter and pictures from Matthew Daka as they celebrate the graduation of 7 pastors in his district. They worked hard for 4 years to complete the course. Some completed the studies but not the course. The course includes planting a new church and personally discipling 3 other men in the Word of God. Praise the Lord for their diligence and hard work to the Glory of God. -Jeff Hawkins, HBM Zambia Coordinator

Matthew Daka HBMZ Administrator

Matthew Daka
HBMZ Administrator

Dear Brother Jeff,
Praise be to God for his mercy and love which he has given to us through his beloved Son even our Lord Jesus Christ. We had a good time with the brothers this morning December 19, 2015 celebrating the completion of studies by our brothers in Lusaka North. Despite the heavy rainfall, the graduating pastors with their wives came to the venue at Victors Family Bible church. I have been with the men since May 2011. When we started, the men were 15 in number but some of them could not finish the training. However, 7 of them completed the training and  five graduated. We lost one of the men last month as he went to be with the Lord.

Thank you for your continued prayer as HBMZ and HBM USA strive to train men in the Word of God so as to be pastors who teach sound doctrine from the precious Word of God.