Zambia 2014 Pastor Training Seminars

Hope Builders Ministry Zambia

Hope Builders Ministry Zambia

All pastors need training. If a man is called to pastor, he is called to training in the Word of God. It has been said that “no man is an island.” This is especially true for pastors. We all need continual training in the Word of God. The Holy Spirit is the teacher of all believers in Jesus Christ. This is one of His functions in the believers. He was given to “teach you all things” and “guide you into all the truth” (John 14:26; 16:13). The Holy Spirit is our primary teacher, but God also gives us mentors or human teachers. 2 Timothy 2:2 indicates that this is a generational process of disciple making. Paul taught Timothy who was to teach faithful men who would teach others also.

The HUB Model used by Hope Builders Ministries in Zambia and India is a disciple making model. One man is trained by another man who in turn trains another. HBM uses a 1 on 3 approach multiplying the disciple-making process rapidly.  One pastor trains 3 others (Peter, James and John) who in turn each train three others, etc.

This past June HIMAfrica led a team in Zambia conducting 7 pastors conferences with Hope Builders Ministries Zambia. HBMZ Administrator Matthew Daka accompanied Pastor Jeff Hawkins, Pastor Stephen Slater and seminary student Travis Milner from Lusaka to Kabwe to Kitwe to the Northwestern Province through the Kafue National Park and back to Lusaka. Seven different conferences were conducted serving about 300 HBMZ pastors. Two and three generations of disciples were represented at each conference, showing the growth of the ministry God has given through this disciple making process.

The theme of each conference was “Gospel Essentials – What God in Christ did to save us from His righteous wrath.”

Thank you for your prayers and support of HIMAfrica and HIMIndia serving with Hope Builders Ministries.




Testimony from Zambia

Pastor Matthew Daka and wife Judi with Jeff and Lou Ann

Pastor Matthew Daka and wife Judi with Jeff and Lou Ann

TESTIMONY from Matthew Daka, HBM Zambia Administrator

During the time I have been working with Hope Builders Ministries Zambia, I have seen many things which the Lord has done here in partnership with HBM USA and local Indigenous pastors. Much of what I am going to share is based on growth of this ministry.

1. Discipleship and Pastoral Training
Hope Builders Ministry has now reached all the 10 provinces of Zambia. Western and Eastern provinces were the last 2 provinces to be reached. In Western province, I have met Bishop James Nswana who is based in Mongu which is the capital of the province. James has started training 3 pastors in Mungu who will train others and plant new 3 churches. Initially, James was ready to start with more than 20 pastors in this province but I had to ask him to choose 3 for a start. In Eastern province, Pastor Joseph Phiri who is our Regional leader in the Northern Province has opened hubs in Petauke, Chipata and Lundazi. The training of pastors in this province is going on well.

Pastor Daka teaching the Word

Pastor Daka teaching the Word

As HBMZ Administrator, I want to testify that the demand for enrollment of pastors who want to be trained has multiplied. I have been receiving requests from all the districts in Zambia from our pastors who are being asked to start receiving new pastors for training. Some churches in the villages are asking their pastors to train with HBMZ as they are not willing to be led by untrained pastors.

All the pastors who started training in 2012 and 2013 now have 3 disciples each in training. Apart from training their 3 men, these pastors are teaching the members of their congregation what they are learning. In some villages, even headmen have been converted and many people are being saved daily because of what HBMZ through these men are doing. I thank God for the wonderful training materials which our pastors are receiving from Hope Builders Ministries USA.

Receiving Bibles to distribute in their Regions of ministry

Receiving Bibles to distribute in their Regions of ministry

2. Church Planting and Bible Distribution
As a result many called out men being trained, I have seen and bear testimony to the multiplication of many Bible believing churches in all our districts. In Muchinga province for instance, Pastor Fighton Chilufya, one of the district leaders, has reported to me that more than 100 churches have been started. Brother Fighton is based in Mpika which is one of the largest districts in Zambia. Many people who live in these remote areas are so poor and their way of life is different from those who live in towns. HBMZ is focused to planting many Bible believing churches in these rural areas.

Our greatest challenge is Bibles for pastors who are being trained. Hope Builders Ministries USA has been helping us to give Bibles to the pastors who are being trained. However, I as the National Administrator, I have noted that the demand for Bibles is so huge. DONATE

During the month of June this year, Brother Jeff (HBM Zambia Coordinator) and 2 other American Brothers will be visiting us. We shall have Bible teaching Conferences in 3 provinces, namely, Central, Copperbelt and Northwestern. We also plan to give Bibles to our pastors but this depends on your support. Finally, I am asking for your prayers as we travel on our Zambian roads which are bad more especially in the remote areas.

Thank you so much for everything you have been doing in supporting us.
Pastor Matthew Daka,
HBMZ Administrator

(YOUR prayers and gifts are appreciated. GIVE HERE or mail check to HBM, P.O. Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 Designate HBMZambia)

Pastor Kallen on RT

Pastor Kallen on RT

3. Testimony From Kallen Musonda – Kitwe
Ever since I joined Hope Builders Ministries, my mind set has been changed and challenged for better. Before, I was limited to my local church and denomination only, but now I have been challenged through the training to think of all Zambia and even the world and look at the work of God on a much broader perspective, going beyond the 4 corners of the church and disciple people.

After the change in my perception of the work of God, the local church that God has given me the responsibility to pastor and oversee his people started growing spiritually and numerically. It is true Brothers, “you grow a pastor, and you grow a church.” The growth of a pastor is an increasing blessing to the local church and the Kingdom of God. Hope Builders Ministries will never make the local church go down; it will always make the work of God grow. Let us do our part, God is ready to do his part and the result will always be amazing.

Hope Builders Ministries Zambia is an indigenous ministry in Zambia with a mission to train pastors in the Word of God and provide biblical strategy to multiply disciples of Christ through the country and the world.

Hope Builders Ministries is partnered with HBMZ to provide resources (bible training, bibles, bicycles, motorcycles, business loans, Dignity Project support) to help them declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Zambia and neighboring countries.

Thank you for your SUPPORT and prayers!

Testimonies from ODISHA India


Pastor Prabin Sipka and wife Susama

In February 2013, by God’s Grace and calling, I was able to go to India and partner with Stephen Prasad to begin HIMIndia, Helping Indigenous Missions in India, training pastors in the Word of God. Today there are hundreds of pastors receiving Bible training using the Mini Bible College lessons prepared by the late Dick Woodward and made available through International Cooperating Ministries.

DSCN9079children lunch timeIn February 2014 Stephen and I visited Odisha State and the ministry of Bethel Association. Pastor Prabin Sipka and his wife Susama conduct a school caring for children from 5 to 25 years of age. There is also an active orphan ministry caring for hundreds of single and double orphaned children both on campus and from the surrounding community.


Pastor's gathered at Bethel with HIMIndia

Pastor’s gathered at Bethel with HIMIndia

Along with this Pastor Sipka has organized an association of hundreds of pastors networking together in ministry and studying the Word of God together. HIMIndia is providing the training resources for their training using the Mini Bible College and supplemental materials. Bibles and other ministry resources are needed.

Prayerfully consider being a part of this ministry. 2 Timothy 2:2 challenges us to be disciple makers passing on the teaching of the Word of God to those who can teach others. YOU can help. A financial gift of as little as $25 a month will have a huge impact on helping these poor rural pastors train their people in the Word of God and win many to Christ in this country of 1.3 Billion souls. Fewer than 2% of the people are Christian in name and many of these are untrained in the Word of God. You can help by helping us to train pastors in the Word of truth.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Without faith it is impossible to please God. To have the kind of faith that pleases God the people of God must understand and obey the Word of God.

Help HIMIndia to train pastors in the Word and strengthen and encourage the Lord’s Church in India.

Below are some testimonies sent to me from Pastor Sipka in Odisha State. Remember this is an idolatrous nation. The people coming out of this idolatry are on a journey to the Truth, Jesus Christ, the ONE true and living God. Christians in Odisha State suffered deadly persecution in 2008. Hundreds were murdered and over 50,000 are still living in ghettos, not being allowed to return to their villages and homes. It is not “easy” to be a Christian in India.

Pastor Jeff,
We hope you are doing well and that your preparation for Zambia is going good!  We just wanted to update you on what has been happening here the last few months.  We have collected testimonies from our pastors, and each and everyone explained to us how encouraged they have been since our Pastor’s Meeting in February.  Many of our Pastors have experienced God’s hand and faithfulness through preparing many healing miracles for people that they pray for.  Along with this, we have been able to see many new believers committing to worship Jesus. 
The month of May means that there is a break from school, so we have been able to put on an eight day Vacation Bible School program for 40 children for the colony nearby our home.  These children, along with the families who sat outside to watch the activities, were able to learn more about who Jesus is and ask questions about His love.  Also, because of the holiday, our Bethel children have been able to watch many films about the Bible and miracles God performs.  We will hold a special VBS at the end of May.  
A big change that has occurred on our campus is that we are caring for 150 extra boys for the next year.  They are children supported through a ministry in Chennai, but were in need of care this year while they develop and make changes to their ministry.  This ministry was able to provide us funds to care for these children, and because of those funds we have been able to create a conference hall on top of our school building.  We will use this new hall for a classroom, study room, prayer, and Friday and Sunday worship!  Praise God with us for answering this need.
Please continue to pray for our ministry and the needs of our Pastors.  We trust and pray that God is blessing you and that He will lead and guide you and provide for every need you have. 
With love and regards,
Pastor Prabin & Susama Sipka
Field Report from pastorBunki’s Miracle
When Bunki found out she was pregnant for the third time, she was more than a little skeptical.  After two miscarriages, she sent a prayer request to Pastor Prabin at Bethel Association, asking that the Lord would grant her a good and healthy baby.  When she went to the doctor for her first ultrasound after finding out she was pregnant, they were devastated when told that the baby was growing in the fallopian tube.  This Hindu woman knew that her current pregnancy was a gift from the Lord, and instead of terminating the pregnancy as she was advised to do, she turned to prayer along with everyone at Bethel.  A month of two later, she went back to the doctor and was told that through a miracle, her baby was now healthy and growing in her uterus.  Now Bunki’s baby is a three month old happy and thriving girl!  Bunki along with her entire family is now trusting in Jesus Christ and is no longer worshipping Hindu idols.  Through studying scripture, prayer & worship, we believe that one day soon they will completely surrender to the one true God!
Sadanada Jena
I grew up in a Hindu family where we worshipped the Devil.  June 15, 1997, one forest guard told me that Jesus is king, and after hearing this I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.  Then on February 5, 1999, I received water baptized.  From that day on, I have been living and doing God’s work.  To this date, I have led 30 families to Christ and have continued to disciple them.  Other than these families, I have 5 families from outside villages who attend the Church I pastor. 
My family is continually worshipping Jesus, but we are facing persecution from our village.  Within the last few years, they threatened to cast us out of society, but recently God has quieted their mouths and they no longer threaten us.  Please pray for my family and my church members that God will lead and guide us.  As you pray for us, we are daily praying for you.
Raj Kumar Pradhan
I have three congregations that I pastor.  God has given the chance for our three congregatiosn to experience more and more people coming to know Jesus.  I am working to distribute literature and preach the Gospel.
In my village, a wife of a Hindu priest came to me, requesting prayer.  She asked our congregation to pray that God would provide them with a boy baby.  Upon delivery, they saw God had answered their prayers and their family turned from Hinduism, and now believe in Jesus Christ.  This happened in March, 2014.
In the time since Pastor Jeff’s meeting in February, we have spent much more time in prayer and have been working more for Jesus.  One man in particular, Surash, was tormented by devil spirits for months.  He tried all he could to get rid of the devil spirit, such as going to Hindu priests and those performing witchcraft.  It wasn’t until Surash came to us for prayer that the devil spirit fled his body.  He has now accepted Jesus Christ, and he, along with 20 other members of my congregation have received water baptism this past month. 
Please pray that each family in our congregation will be able to be provided with a Bible and also pray that our believers will grow in their faith. 
Ashok Pradhan
I am working in and preaching the Gospel within ten different villages.  God has produced many miracles within my life.  Everyone within my home village is Hindu, so no one was preaching within this area.  When I was small, God chose me and I began to preach to all within my village.  One man within a particular village, Mundipanga, was mute since birth.  That man traveled to many Hindu places to worship.  Finally he came to our church and now, He is speaking!  Eight people within his family now praise Jesus Christ! 
In another family, one boy was incredibly sick with a fever.  They tried many different witch craft tricks, but he did not experience complete healing until he came to us for prayer.  Because of his testimony, five people have accepted Christ and are preparing for baptism.  Please pray for my church members and Bibles for each member.
Pranaya Kumar Lohara
I am working in Belamguda Village.  In this village, 25 families have accepted Jesus.  In Belamguda, we have experienced many different persecutions, but I am continuing to serve here.  I distribute literature and preach the Gospel.  I am often severely beat and mocked, but I continue to preach and work for Christ.  After Pastor Jeff’s meeting, we have experienced four people accepting Jesus and many others have been interested in attending my church. 
For a long time, my congregation has been praying for one drunkard in our village.  After many prayers, God broke the cycle of alcoholism in this man, and his entire family has now accepted Jesus.
My people in my congregation are very poor.  We are not able to afford a church building, but we are praying in a small veranda.  Please pray that God will provide a church building for us.    Right now, five people are ready to receive water baptism.   Please pray for the people in my congregation to grow in their prayer life.  Pray for this village, that all non-Christians will come to know Jesus. 
Taku Mishal
This past Easter, we were able to celebrate the risen Christ in a new way.  During our worship, a Hindu women was carried into our church.   This woman was carried in laying on a bed because she had been experiencing here period many, many days, and came to us for prayer.  Together, we all prayed for this woman on Easter, and God filled her with strength.  She was able to sit up, and now has energy that allows her to attend church. 
This past month while distributing tracts, two Hindu men began asking me questions and are now attending church.  Praise the Lord that they are preparing to receive water baptism.  Please pray for me and my family as well as my church members. 

Pastor Stephen opens TWO new Areas

Tirelessly Working

Tirelessly Working

Pastor Stephen Prasad has opened two new areas of ministry for HIMIndia this month. Following is his report and then a slide show of pictures from his travels. Please continue to pray for HIMIndia and our partner Stephen Prasad. He is committed to the training of the rural tribal pastors in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha states of India. WE are his partners.
JOIN the 222TEAM supporting HIMIndia with a $22 monthly gift. Thank you!

The Report:
Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
On March 18 I traveled to Saluru Mandal, Vizianagar District, Andhra Pradesh. The next day I met with 28 pastors and conducted the HUB Training Program with HIMIndia. The men were from different tribal and rural villages. Many traveled over 30 miles to hear the Word of God. With these 28 pastors I started 3 new hub groups and appointed 3 hub leaders dividing them according to their locations. We started studying Old Testament Survey from the Mini Bible College material. The new Hub Leaders are pastors Prasad, Philip and Valaparao. Thank you for praying for them.

Finishing in Saluru Mandal I traveled on the 21st to L.N. Peta in the Srikakaulam district. This is also a tribal area. Most of these pastors have never received any formal Bible training. They do not have any schools near them. There were 22 pastors attending. Here I also started teaching Old Testament Survey with the MBC material. I formed them into 2 HUBS and appointed hub leaders.
These two areas have much need for the Word of God. There are no Bible Schools to attend and most of the men are very poor not being able to afford schooling and support their families at the same time. They are very excited about the MBC training material and the HUB model.
Praise the Lord for HIMIndia making this material available and the strategy to train rural pastors in the Word of God. This will be very beneficial to the rural pastors and we consider it a Divine gift to lay pastors and Tribal pastors in India. The course is especially designed for those who cannot afford to attend Bible College because of a lack of money, education qualifications and their existing ministries. Who would shepherd the flock if they were gone away to school for a number of years? Hence, it is a tailor made program for them, teaching sound doctrine, bible study methods and protecting them from false doctrine and cults, which abound. We meet for 3 days every month to study together. HIMIndia does not charge them for the material and provides food and accommodations for the 3 days. God has provided me with other trained pastors to help instruct these men in the Word of God. Praise the Lord!


Why Support Indigenous Missionaries?

Following Christ

Following Christ

Partnering with indigenous ministries in Africa and India just makes sense.

When you support a Zambian or Indian missionary you have saved time, money and SOULS!

TIME is saved because these missionaries already know the language and the culture of their native country. They have a built in understanding of their people both culturally and linguistically. The average western missionary must spend years preparing to go (language studies and building support) and once on the field it takes MANY years to truly learn the culture and communicate relevantly. Over 60% of western missionaries do not return to the field after their first “furlough” meaning everything has to start over.

MONEY: It costs over $500,000 dollars to train, equip, move and keep a western missionary/family on the field for 4 (FOUR) years! The whole process takes at least 6 years. AND this does not include the cost of “doing” ministry on the field. Native missionaries already live in the economy of their culture. There is no moving, language studies or abnormal costs of living. Unlike the western missionary they live at the same standard of living as their fellows. For a fraction of the cost ($21,000 over 6 years) 40 native pastors can be trained and equipped in the Word of God and they stay on the field all their lives. IF we apply the western standard to the native church most of those who do leave home to study and prepare do not return to their rural setting but gravitate to the comfort of the city where most “missions” tend to take place. (Not that there is not a need, but there are already an abundance of native and foreign missionaries living there.)

Missions trips also known as “short-term” missions are very expensive. Many well intentioned believers spend multiple thousands of dollars to go on a mission’s trip for a few weeks. This same amount of money could support scores and even hundreds of native missionaries already on the field and working but without many needed resources.

Mazabuka, Zambia HUB Pastors

Mazabuka, Zambia HUB Pastors

SOULS: A HUB of 40 missionary pastors will win thousands of people to Christ, starting many new bible preaching, Gospel believing churches in their communities. It is amazing to see and experience the growth of the church in Africa and India. God is bringing in a GREAT Harvest of Souls through the ministry of the African and Indian Indigenous Church. Because of the cultural and language barriers a foreign missionary may win a few hundred people to Christ and plant a church or maybe two, but most do not last when the missionary departs (actual statistics).

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the BRETHREN. But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his BROTHER in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. (1Jn 3:16-18)

Motorcycle for Pastor overseeing the training of 10 HUB pastors (400 men total).

Motorcycle for Pastor overseeing the training of 10 HUB pastors (400 men total).

A CHURCH or individual can sponsor a HUB of native missionary pastors for $300 a month. In 6 years this HUB can grow into 40 trained pastors and 40 Gospel Churches with THOUSANDS of new souls serving Christ and becoming Disciples. NOW that is  FRUIT which can be shared in the DAY of Visitation! Many will gather around the Throne of God with thousands of their brethren they had a part in coming to Christ.

The Mission Paradigm has changed. Many places do not need foreign missionaries, but they do need their fellow Christians in the western world to partner with them. The Apostle Paul collected gifts from the Gentile church to take to the poor church in Palestine. A few went to distribute the funds and give accountability to the project, but there were no missionaries sent to Israel. There were plenty of Christians there, even Apostles. They needed material help. This is the case in most countries around the world. The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is well established, but it is poor. It is not leaderless. (The Lord Jesus Himself “gave some to be “leaders” and the Holy Spirit gives the different gifts of leadership as He see fit.) The leaders there need help to train more leaders. They need Bibles and training materials. They can use bicycles and motorcycles to help them to cover more territory in places that do not have adequate roads. They need a bit of financial support to help them facilitate ministry.

Pastors Conference in India

Pastors Conference in India

HIMAfrica and HIMIndia has partnered with Hope Builders Ministries to provide the link between the American Church and the Church in Africa and India. With your partnership literally thousands of believers can be trained and equipped to take the Gospel to their own people in a very short amount of time with a loving and strategic investment on your part.

Join us today. There will be much to “boast” about in the Kingdom that is coming if you do.

Philippians 2:16  Hold firmly to the message of life. Then I can boast in the DAY of Christ that I didn’t run in vain or labor for nothing.