Pastor Adrian Mutamba

Pastor Adrian Mutamba

Pastor Adrian Mutamba

Greetings to you and your family.

My family and I are very well. I hope you are well and blessed. Pastor Jeff I thank God for the HBMZ Calvary Bible School. It is practical and helpful indeed. The formula “Find your own three” (Make 3 Disciples) has helped me to establish a new way of workiing. I have been training my 3 Disciples, one of whom is now Pastorng a new church at Chibombo, between Lusaka and Kabwe. His name is John K Nyirenda, The Second one will soon start a church plant. The other one will help me at the local church.

Adrian Mutamba sharing to the Chelston Hub pastorsMy vision now is to continue using the “Find your own three” formula (1 on 3 Disciple-making) and train 12 church men who will be able to train their own 3 also. I hope to raise a 12,000 member congregation in 10 years time. God’s willing we will be able to plant and establish 12 congregations which will have at least 1,000 members each.

Also I am thinking of building a school with 5 class rooms, three offices, and two toilet blocks. This school should enrol at least 280 pupils for a start. In this way we will be able to establish Christian values in our pupils and in our community. God willing we shall expand our school from grades one to 12. It will be a fee paying school to raise money to pay our teachers and help to maintain our school.

New Study Bible

New Study Bible

In this way we shall maintain the Calvary Academics teaching. Our current Church plot is big enough for the school. How I dream to build a high school, a Universty and a Hospital also. There has to be a high Christian influence in our land. I am dreaming Dreams for Christ’s work and influence.

This is October, it is very hot and sunny here in Zambia. Some rivers have lost a lot of water. There are instances of load shedding (blackouts). The time to enjoy electricity light is very minimal. But people are working and walking. We will have a national Day of Prayer and Fasting on October 18. A day declared by our Head of State.

Thank you for your love and commitment for our country. May the love of God which is in Christ be with you always. My wife and Children send greetings to you. Amen.

Zambia 2014 Pastor Training Seminars

Hope Builders Ministry Zambia

Hope Builders Ministry Zambia


All pastors need training. If a man is called to pastor, he is called to training in the Word of God. It has been said that “no man is an island.” This is especially true for pastors. We all need continual training in the Word of God. The Holy Spirit is the teacher of all believers in Jesus Christ. This is one of His functions in the believers. He was given to “teach you all things” and “guide you into all the truth” (John 14:26; 16:13). The Holy Spirit is our primary teacher, but God also gives us mentors or human teachers. 2 Timothy 2:2 indicates that this is a generational process of disciple making. Paul taught Timothy who was to teach faithful men who would teach others also.

The HUB Model used by Hope Builders Ministries in Zambia and India is a disciple making model. One man is trained by another man who in turn trains another. HBM uses a 1 on 3 approach multiplying the disciple-making process rapidly.  One pastor trains 3 others (Peter, James and John) who in turn each train three others, etc.

This past June HIMAfrica led a team in Zambia conducting 7 pastors conferences with Hope Builders Ministries Zambia. HBMZ Administrator Matthew Daka accompanied Pastor Jeff Hawkins, Pastor Stephen Slater and seminary student Travis Milner from Lusaka to Kabwe to Kitwe to the Northwestern Province through the Kafue National Park and back to Lusaka. Seven different conferences were conducted serving about 300 HBMZ pastors. Two and three generations of disciples were represented at each conference, showing the growth of the ministry God has given through this disciple making process.

The theme of each conference was “Gospel Essentials – What God in Christ did to save us from His righteous wrath.”

Thank you for your prayers and support of HIMAfrica and HIMIndia serving with Hope Builders Ministries.




2012 Hope Builders Ministries ZAMBIA


Hope Builders Ministries Zambia Leaders

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Testimony from Muchinga Province, Zambia

Aleck Malunga

Pastor Malunga is on the Right


Mafinga District is a newly established district which is in the north-eastern part of the new Muchinga province in Zambia. Previously it was part of Isoka district. The people of Mafinga were marginalized for lack of development. The district borders with Malawi along the Nyika Plateau and Mafinga Mountains.

The district has few evangelical churches. There are a number of Cults such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist, New Apostolic, New Jerusalem and others. There are also so many African traditional churches such as the Chipangano, Nchimi, Zion, Mutumwa, Kasesemma, and Leshina. Many people are misled by these Cults and traditional churches. Because of this, we are glad that Hope Builders Ministries have come to partner with us and help us by training pastors who have the vision of training other pastors and planting Bible believing churches.

We need Bibles in this district in the following languages in order to reach out to indigenous people; 20 Nyika, 20 Tumbuka, 20 Bemba, 20 Lambia, and 20 Gospel recorders. Also we need bicycles to help in traveling to remote areas. As a district leader a motorcycle is required so that I can be able to grow this district.

Alick Malunga,

Mafinga District Leader