Zambia or Bust!

March 31 Jeff flew out of Nashville heading towards Zambia.
There was precious cargo aboard. HBI provided 20 nice compact laptop computers to be used to train our people in zambia how to use Windows and office. It will also be a means of providing fuel money for the vehicle HBI/HIM provided our national director, Denson Mushitala.

The flight was long and uneventful until I arrived 20 hours later at Johannesburg Airport April 1. There, as has been the case on previous trips my luggage was not all there… the laptop trunk in particular.

jeff stayed with friends in J’burg that night and then off to the airport for the final leg to Livingstone, Zambia. No luggage yet.

I will post again tomorrow and let you know if it shows up…


February 2008

February began with a two week trip to TN, AL, and Georgia.
Starting at Coldstream Christian Camp on the 2nd I attended a meeting where the camp officially called Lou Ann and me to the position of Potter’s House Director. All went well and most all are happy with this new “call.”

On Sunday the 3rd I traveled to Birmingham and registered for the Missions conference at Southeastern Bible College. I represented HBI and HIMAfrica to the student body that attended. It was a good time to meet other missionaries and old friends from SBC days in the ’70’s. It was also a time of renewing friendships with our dear friends Wynn and Tina Payne. We have been buddies since those days in B’ham.

Keith Walsworth and I stayed with Craig and Joan Beth Smith, my daughter Mary Beth’s in-laws. They are precious people and the “host with the most.”

Thursday the 7th found me in Enterprise, Al with my son Joe and family. What a sweet time that was. Jakob, Olivia and new arrival Jonathon were glad to see PaPaw. I think my daughter in law was too! ON Sunday I presented HIMAfrica in Joe’s church, the Open Door Baptist Church. Pastor John McCrummin is a wonderful and gracious man. They were very kind to me and generous in supporting the work.

I drove to Dad’s in Moultrie, GA that afternoon. He was at work, but Doris and I went on to church at LifeSpring Community Church where they are active members. It was a privilege to share the Bibles For Believers program with them.

ON Tuesday I met with pastor Julian and with Pastor Steve Scarrow with Friendship Alliance Church. I hope to catch up with this brother again too.

Wednesday I drove to Valdosta and met with Rick Hofmiester. That evening I showed the PowerPoint Presentation of our work in Africa at Grace Bible Church where he pastors.

I spent the evening with Rick and Shelia and headed home Thursday. ON the way I stopped in Atlanta and had lunch with Melinda D who is a partner in ministry with HBI.

I arrived home around 5pm on the 14th. It was good to be home and with my honey.

Friday we had dinner with our friends and co-laborers Keith and Brenda Walsworth.
Saturday we had dinner with Joshua, Taran and Bobby and Amy at our home. We played games and had a good time with our adopted children.

Sunday was dinner at Bethanna. I did not speak but the dinner was in our honor. Thank you Bethanna. Lou Ann and I also attended Buzz Adams visitation and funeral that afternoon and then the next day.

We had our last sesssion with Happy CAPS that evening.
Tuesday – Last Bible Study with Bobby and Amy.
Wednesday – dinner with Jamie and Rachael.
Thursday we left for NC and visited with the Rainwaters and the Heaths. We returned on Monday the 25th.