Damascus Road

Baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The radical Rabbi Saul was on the road to Damascus to beat and jail Christians when he came face to face with the Lord Jesus. “Why are you persecuting Me?” was the Lord’s question. I can imagine that Saul was quite troubled in his soul about all that he was witnessing from these bold believers whom he was persecuting. Remember he heard the WORD clearly from Stephen as he guarded the coats of his murderers in Acts 7.

This is happening in India too. As radical Hindus are dispatched to harass, disrupt and harm believers, especially preachers, so to, some of them are being converted by the power of God through the Gospel message (Romans 1:16).

These men had infiltrated the meetings of believers and after hearing the Word of God preached with power and conviction they, like Saul, met Jesus and were forever changed.

Following the Lord Jesus
From Persecutor to Disciple

Pray for the Church in India as it faces harsh treatment for sharing the Gospel openly. The otherwise democratic government is passing laws forbidding anyone but Hindus to “proselytize.” The authorities turn a “blind eye” against those being persecuted and even change the reporters so as to not implicate the illegal activity of these radicals.

You can support and sponsor Indigenous Missions in India HERE

News in Zambia


Hope Builders Ministries Zambia

Recently Hope Builders Ministries Zambia received a large shipment of jeremiah-study-bibles-pictures-008#jeremiahstudybibles from HBM USA. Praise the Lord for each partner willing to give a gift of a study Bible to indigenous pastors in Zambia!

Now there are 780 new Study Bibles for pastors in training with HBMZambia.

“Bibles for Disciples” is an ongoing project by HBMin.org to provide bible tools to pastors in training. You can make an eternal investment in the Word of God which abides forever.

Give the Gift of a Study Bible to pastors in training. $15 each.


WHY Indigenous Missions

Why Indigenous ‪#‎Missions‬? Pictured below is a District of 40 pastors being trained by Hope Builders India under the guidance of Stephen Prasad. They have been training for ONE year now. Already 13 NEW churches have been planted in their district! Praise the LORD. The Bible Training has made them better pastors who are preaching the Word of God and better able to disciple their people to maturity in Christ. The congregation become disciple makers displaying the righteousness of God in their communities.

‪#‎IndigenousMissions‬ is cost effective and culturally effective. This is why Hope Builders Ministries is “Rapidly Winning Communities to CHRIST through Indigenous Disciple Making.”
Partner with Missions!
YOU, right where you live, can become an effective, active and important part of Indigenous Missions.

  • PRAY for Hope Builders India and directors Stephen Prasad and Prabhukiran Rambabu.
  • GIVE. Become a monthly supporter of Indigenous Missions. $25 per month can make a significant difference providing training materials, travel and food. Give online @ https://app.mobilecause.com/form/eod54g
  • #‎ADVOCATE‬! YOU can help raise up partners by sharing this mission opportunity with others. Using this link https://app.mobilecause.com/join/34504? you can get into ministry in a BIG way and help promote and provide for indigenous missions with Hope Builders India.


Making Disciples in India

2 Timothy 2:2 And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

On June 29th Pastor Stephen with Hope Builders India introduced 36 pastors to the Hope Builders Disciple Makers training program. He taught them basic Bible Study Methods (ABCs) from the Letter to Philemon and the One on Three Disciple Making strategy. He also introduced them to the www.minibiblecollege.com material available in their own language. Partner with Missionary Pastors in India HERE  Read more below

The 36 pastors were organized into 3 Hubs according to their areas and then into 1 on 3 training groups. This is the heart of Hope Builders Ministries’ work with indigenous believers around the world. We are not there to “westernize” the believers, only to equip, encourage and empower them in the Word of God. This is why HBM can do so much more working with Indigenous Missionaries instead of sending western missionaries who do not understand the culture and language for many many years and cost many thousands upon thousands of dollars for training and maintenance.

For the cost of ONE western missionary (over $100,000 annually) HBM can provide the basic support and ministry tools and equipment for TEN already trained indigenous missionaries who will reach many many thousands of their fellow pastors training them in the Word of God. These pastors are then better equipped to “make disciples” of their congregations who become bold and effective witnesses of the love of Christ to their people. Matthew 28:19-20 is the mandate for ALL believers to become disciples of Christ who make other disciples.

Just as the church in China experienced explosive growth AFTER the western missionaries were forced to leave, so too India will grow spiritually and numerically as we partner with Indigenous Missions.

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YOU can become an ADVOCATE for India and invite others to support Indigenous Missionaries in India. HERE

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