Testimony from Zambia!

Titus Shampande - District Leader HBM Zambia

Titus Shampande – District Leader HBM Zambia

On Saturday the 2nd of February 2014, I went to Kansununu Church started last year with my wife. It is 60 KM away. We reached at 1 PM and after we had rested for a while, we went visiting at the nearest villages. A church leader and his wife accompanied us.

At one of the villages, we found many people sitting and we greeted them. One of the villagers told us that they had a 12 year old boy who was very sick and they were all waiting for him to die. In this village only 2 people are members of our church and the rest are Jehovah’s witnesses.

Titus and fellow pastors

Titus and fellow pastors

Titus New Motor

District Leader Titus Shampande and wife

Titus and wife

When the Father of the sick boy saw us, he invited us to go in the house and see the sick boy. As we entered the house, many close relatives were seated by the sick boy who lay on his bed and he could not even speak nor take a cup of water. The boy’s father told us that his son had been in the village hospital for 3 weeks and they said to take him to Solwezi but they were unable to do so and so discouraged that they decided to take the boy back to the village as they had now lost all hope. They did this because all the people in this village suspected that this boy was bewitched by an old woman.

When the boy’s father and the sick child arrived at the village from the village hospital, people grabbed the old woman and started beating her because of the boy’s illness. The Boy’s father pleaded with us to help him because if the boy dies, then the people would also kill the old lady.

I calmed the people and opened my Bible. I spoke the word of God on what the Bible says about sickness and death. After I preached the word, the people who were in the house went outside and only the parents and the church leader who accompanied me were left in the house. We prayed for the boy and sang songs of praises to our Lord Jesus Christ. After the prayers and singing, we went back to the village where we had to spend the night. It was now about 8 PM.

At around 3 AM, the father of the boy knocked on the door were we were sleeping. I thought that he has now come to tell us about the news of the boy’s death. The man told me to go to his house as the boy was now speaking and asking for some food to eat. We went there and found the boy eating porridge. We gave glory to our God for the healing of the boy. Even the many people that mocked at us when we were singing believed in God.

On Sunday, 7 people from that village and the suspected old lady came to church and they gave their lives to the Lord. The boy also he is well and the parents are praising God for the healing.

Reporting, Titus Shampande
HBM Zambia District Leader

Why Support Indigenous Missionaries?

Following Christ

Following Christ

Partnering with indigenous ministries in Africa and India just makes sense.

When you support a Zambian or Indian missionary you have saved time, money and SOULS!

TIME is saved because these missionaries already know the language and the culture of their native country. They have a built in understanding of their people both culturally and linguistically. The average western missionary must spend years preparing to go (language studies and building support) and once on the field it takes MANY years to truly learn the culture and communicate relevantly. Over 60% of western missionaries do not return to the field after their first “furlough” meaning everything has to start over.

MONEY: It costs over $500,000 dollars to train, equip, move and keep a western missionary/family on the field for 4 (FOUR) years! The whole process takes at least 6 years. AND this does not include the cost of “doing” ministry on the field. Native missionaries already live in the economy of their culture. There is no moving, language studies or abnormal costs of living. Unlike the western missionary they live at the same standard of living as their fellows. For a fraction of the cost ($21,000 over 6 years) 40 native pastors can be trained and equipped in the Word of God and they stay on the field all their lives. IF we apply the western standard to the native church most of those who do leave home to study and prepare do not return to their rural setting but gravitate to the comfort of the city where most “missions” tend to take place. (Not that there is not a need, but there are already an abundance of native and foreign missionaries living there.)

Missions trips also known as “short-term” missions are very expensive. Many well intentioned believers spend multiple thousands of dollars to go on a mission’s trip for a few weeks. This same amount of money could support scores and even hundreds of native missionaries already on the field and working but without many needed resources.

Mazabuka, Zambia HUB Pastors

Mazabuka, Zambia HUB Pastors

SOULS: A HUB of 40 missionary pastors will win thousands of people to Christ, starting many new bible preaching, Gospel believing churches in their communities. It is amazing to see and experience the growth of the church in Africa and India. God is bringing in a GREAT Harvest of Souls through the ministry of the African and Indian Indigenous Church. Because of the cultural and language barriers a foreign missionary may win a few hundred people to Christ and plant a church or maybe two, but most do not last when the missionary departs (actual statistics).

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the BRETHREN. But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his BROTHER in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. (1Jn 3:16-18)

Motorcycle for Pastor overseeing the training of 10 HUB pastors (400 men total).

Motorcycle for Pastor overseeing the training of 10 HUB pastors (400 men total).

A CHURCH or individual can sponsor a HUB of native missionary pastors for $300 a month. In 6 years this HUB can grow into 40 trained pastors and 40 Gospel Churches with THOUSANDS of new souls serving Christ and becoming Disciples. NOW that is  FRUIT which can be shared in the DAY of Visitation! Many will gather around the Throne of God with thousands of their brethren they had a part in coming to Christ.

The Mission Paradigm has changed. Many places do not need foreign missionaries, but they do need their fellow Christians in the western world to partner with them. The Apostle Paul collected gifts from the Gentile church to take to the poor church in Palestine. A few went to distribute the funds and give accountability to the project, but there were no missionaries sent to Israel. There were plenty of Christians there, even Apostles. They needed material help. This is the case in most countries around the world. The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is well established, but it is poor. It is not leaderless. (The Lord Jesus Himself “gave some to be “leaders” and the Holy Spirit gives the different gifts of leadership as He see fit.) The leaders there need help to train more leaders. They need Bibles and training materials. They can use bicycles and motorcycles to help them to cover more territory in places that do not have adequate roads. They need a bit of financial support to help them facilitate ministry.

Pastors Conference in India

Pastors Conference in India

HIMAfrica and HIMIndia has partnered with Hope Builders Ministries to provide the link between the American Church and the Church in Africa and India. With your partnership literally thousands of believers can be trained and equipped to take the Gospel to their own people in a very short amount of time with a loving and strategic investment on your part.

Join us today. There will be much to “boast” about in the Kingdom that is coming if you do.

Philippians 2:16  Hold firmly to the message of life. Then I can boast in the DAY of Christ that I didn’t run in vain or labor for nothing.


Jonathan MbeweIn August our Church Planting Pastor Jonathon Mbewe took a team of men he is discipling to Matonje in the Eastern Province. The Gospel was presented through preaching and the Jesus Film. A church was started and a pastor was left to oversee the new work. They encountered opposition from some of the local chiefs and another “church” who did not want them preaching the Gospel that would deliver them from HELL and witchcraft, etc.  Many parts of Africa that have received the Gospel, both the true Gospel and “another” gospel, syncretize it with the traditional religion. The people can be very superstitious and fearful as you will read in this testimony.

You can help support missionary church planters like Jonathan on the donation link above. Thank you.

Here is Jonathan’s report of the trip. I have edited it a “bit” to help you understand his Zambian English.

“For the trip our budget was small, but we reached at 17:30 Hrs Chipembe station to go to Matonje, we hired the car which cost us a lot of money.  We reached Matonje around 22:00 Hrs (10PM) on Wednesday. We were introduced to the headman of Matonje Village. And the headman welcomed us and all the people in the village that there are visitors in the village who came to preach the Good News. Next morning we started to preach around 13:00hrs -18:00hrs on Thursday, we did not know there were 3 headmen in the village. At 18:00hrs (6PM) another headman came and stopped us from continuing our programs. We stopped and pack our machines. He told us to see him next morning on 16th August 2013 on Friday.  I went  to  the headman  and elders, they told me  that “we cannot allow you with the team to continued your program here. But you can stay here as long as you want.” We stay there 2 days minus doing anything

On 17th August Saturday  morning  another headman from the next village come to us and told us to preach in his village. On Sunday we went to Kasongo village to preach the good news and show Jesus film. When the people saw the film on the first time to watch the calling us Satanist because it was the first time to watch a film on a white cloth. They even feared to take photos, they said that we are going to sale them or joining them in Satanism. We preached there for 2 days. The last day another head man came from Manado village. But we were not able to reach it because of the distance and transport. It is too far from kasongo to Mando village about 6 miles.

People need us to go and preached good news because there is only 1 church ROMAN Catholic for 5 villages. People there believe in witchcraft and witchdoctors. (syncretism, some Christianity mixed with traditional religion) But they are still many more villages who need to hear the good news and see the Jesus film.  

The leader’s (pastor in training) name is Shadreck Phiri for the church we planted there. They are lacking Bibles, we left one Bible for the leader.”

Testimony from Zambia

Steven Slater (RT) with HBMZ team and Zambian couple.

Steven Slater (RT) with HBMZ team and Zambian couple.


Pastor Steven Slater joined HBMZambia this year in Livingstone for an evangelism/disciple-making outreach. The following is  his experience and reflections on the week. Enjoy.

What is it like to be sent by God to share the gospel with in a culture that is entirely different from the one from which you came?

It is intimidating. You ask yourself, how will the people in Zambia respond. Will I explain the Word well enough to be understood? Can my being here make any difference at all? But God truly went before us. He prepared hearts to receive the Word so that many souls turned to Christ for salvation. He led us to people who were already believers but needed encouragement to persevere in the faith and grow in grace. It was all God’s work who reminded me daily from Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

This week was also eye-opening. We weren’t the only Christians in Zecco compound. The Lord’s remnant was there, alive and well, yet struggling and wrestling against false teachings, temptations and discouragements just like Christians do everywhere. I understood this week that God’s Kingdom is global and united by His Spirit to do battle against a vicious foe who is already conquered. We are all united in the fight against satan and in the proclamation of the Good News. This week was a time of mutual encouragement. We sought to be a blessing and in return, we were wonderfully blessed as well.

And the outreach this week was also life-changing. Its impossible to return to America and not allow what happened here in Livingstone to not change my heart. All I can say to the Lord is “Thank you for this experience, but now, what do you want me to do in my life because of it?” This week I truly experienced the heart of God for the poor, the outcasts and the rejected of this world. I felt the love of Christ toward those of whom He said, “in as much as you have done it for the least of these, my brothers, you have done it for Me.”

Pastor Steven J. Slater

Plainswell, Michigan