TESTIMONY from Zambia

DL Vincent MwilaFrom District Leader Vincent Mwila:

One day I was told by one of my church members that there was a man in Masese Village some Kilometers away who had never entered a church building from the time he was born. When I heard this, I sat down and prayed for the man that God would allow me to speak to him. I went to the village where this man was living with my friend Weston. The name of this man was Paison Bwalya and he was 80 years old.

When we reached his home, we asked him if he would like to hear the word of God and he willingly agreed. Without wasting time, we went straight to the Bible and preached Christ to him. The man accepted Christ and we prayed with him and then left to our homes. After 4 days, a boy came to me and informed me about the same man that he was sick and that he wanted to see me. I went to his home and upon seeing me, the man’s face became bright and he asked me to pray with him. Immediately after finishing praying, this man died.

I was the happiest person that day because this man died having Christ in his heart.

Pastors Training Pastors in Zambia

Lou Ann and I send heartfelt greetings to you in Jesus Name.

The mission of the Great Commission is to “make disciples” of everyone, everywhere, until the end of time, I.E. all our lives.

We are to do this locally as we are all the missionaries Christ has sent to the people we rub shoulders with everyday (2 Corinthians 5:17-21). We are also to have a heart for those outside our immediate circle of relationships (Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth).

I continue to be convinced that the best, most optimum way to effectively make disciples in other cultures is by coming along side the Christians in that culture. Indigenous missions is the most effective way to obey the worldwide mandate of the Gospel to make disciples. Linguistically, culturally and financially it just makes sense and IT WORKS.

You working together with us and the believers in Zambia has been a fruitful experience. As we provide training and equip key leaders they in turn are training and equipping more leaders who are training and equipping their congregations to take the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to their own people. AND they are multiplying churches which means people are being saved! Praise the Lord.

WE are asking you to remain with us in the coming years as we continue to work in indigenous missions with Hope Builders Ministries.

Your prayers and financial support sustain us and enable us to continue working with hundreds of indigenous missionaries who are reaching thousands with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your partnership with us.

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HAVE a blessed 2012 as we Make Disciples until Jesus Comes!

Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins

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Great Commission Keepers!

July 14-28 we will be hosting a mission to Livingstone, Zambia. This is the home of the Victoria Falls, traditionally called “The Smoke that Thunders.” It is also the home of thousands of poor souls without the Lord Jesus Christ or a church to help grow them in the faith once they are saved.

Our mission will be to partner with Harvesters International ministris and local churches to go into the bush and villages to share the Gospel and establish new churches. The Jesus Film will be shone in the evenings.

We will be staying at the modest but very comfortable accomodations of the Sunbird Guesthouse outside of Livingstone. Harvesters International Ministries Zambia will be our host.

HIM Zambia is our partner planting churches, training pastors and making disciples in Zambia.

Would you join this trip? Your cost will be $3800 plus your passport, visa and any vacinations you might need. This fee covers your roundtrip airfare, food, lodging, and any transportation in Zambia.

You will work for 8 days with a local church winning souls and planting churches. Your evenings will be spent at the guesthouse or in the field showing the Jesus Film.

Some of you want to go but can not see how you could possibly afford the trip, but the Lord is able. This will give you the opportunity to trust the Lord as most missionaries have to in raising the support needed to serve on a foreign field. Your church can be a wonderful partner with you. It’s sponsorship and that of friends and family are available but you must make the need known.

If you can not go would you consider a gift to help sponsor someone else? We either GO or Send…
Either way,
Consider joining us! Email me today if you are interested.
Jeff@HIMAfrica. com