Inductive Bible Study Methods

Bibles Study Methods Conference in Zambia

Rural Pastoral Training

Rural Pastoral Training

Inductive Bible study methods is one of the primary skills a pastor must know to be an effective Bible teacher and preacher. Many never learn this essential method of study or after time move to topical studies or search and copy other studies.




Dan Finfrock

Dan Finfrock

Intensive Care Ministries‘ vision is to teach national pastors and Christian workers to study the Bible inductively. Brother Dan will be conducting an INTENSIVE Inductive Bible Study Methods conference with HBM in Zambia May 22 – 26. Thank you for praying for Dan and and the 50 Zambian pastors attending.

Zambia 2014 Pastor Training Seminars

Hope Builders Ministry Zambia

Hope Builders Ministry Zambia

All pastors need training. If a man is called to pastor, he is called to training in the Word of God. It has been said that “no man is an island.” This is especially true for pastors. We all need continual training in the Word of God. The Holy Spirit is the teacher of all believers in Jesus Christ. This is one of His functions in the believers. He was given to “teach you all things” and “guide you into all the truth” (John 14:26; 16:13). The Holy Spirit is our primary teacher, but God also gives us mentors or human teachers. 2 Timothy 2:2 indicates that this is a generational process of disciple making. Paul taught Timothy who was to teach faithful men who would teach others also.

The HUB Model used by Hope Builders Ministries in Zambia and India is a disciple making model. One man is trained by another man who in turn trains another. HBM uses a 1 on 3 approach multiplying the disciple-making process rapidly.  One pastor trains 3 others (Peter, James and John) who in turn each train three others, etc.

This past June HIMAfrica led a team in Zambia conducting 7 pastors conferences with Hope Builders Ministries Zambia. HBMZ Administrator Matthew Daka accompanied Pastor Jeff Hawkins, Pastor Stephen Slater and seminary student Travis Milner from Lusaka to Kabwe to Kitwe to the Northwestern Province through the Kafue National Park and back to Lusaka. Seven different conferences were conducted serving about 300 HBMZ pastors. Two and three generations of disciples were represented at each conference, showing the growth of the ministry God has given through this disciple making process.

The theme of each conference was “Gospel Essentials – What God in Christ did to save us from His righteous wrath.”

Thank you for your prayers and support of HIMAfrica and HIMIndia serving with Hope Builders Ministries.




Zambia Pastor Training

Pastor Titus Shampande and rural Solwezi HUB

Pastor Titus Shampande and rural Solwezi HUB

In June Pastor Jeff Hawkins, Pastor Steven Slater and Travis Milner will be joining the HBMZambia team training pastors in 6 conferences in the Central, Copperbelt and Northwestern Provinces. We are expecting 400 to 600 rural pastors to attend. The teachings will focus on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, His life and ministry from His birth to His ascension and what it means to our salvation and our daily lives.

This will be a 4 week trip and cover about 2000 miles. The teaching team will live with the pastors during each of the 6 conferences.

Zambia is a developing country that continues to struggle with the averse effects of poverty and corruption. 86% of the population of over 13 million souls live below the poverty line. Over a third of the children are malnourished and 40% do not have access to clean water and proper sanitation. This is especially true in the rural areas. Education is improving but it is thought that upwards of 90% of the rural population (65% of the people) are illiterate. Many sicknesses still plague the country from malaria and cholera to AIDS.

HUB Conference and Bible DistributionZambia is also a very “Christian” country. It is strategically located in the center of Sub-Sahara Africa and landlocked between 8 other countries. Some reports have Zambia listed as 87% Christian. From my personal experience I do not see this, but Christianity does have a huge impact on this country. 25% of the Christians are considered to be evangelical. BUT the great need is Bible training. “Christian” cults like the New Apostolic Church abound. False teaching is prevalent with most congregations being influence by the “Prosperity Gospel.” Many are preaching false gospels and motivate by money and selfishness.

Because of the lack of good Bible training superficiality and ignorance abound in the church. “Too few know the Word of God and how to live the Christian life.”

Zambia District LeadersThis is why Hope Builders Ministries has partnered with indigenous pastors to form Hope Builders Ministries Zambia. This indigenous led ministry has a vision to “saturate Zambia with Bible believing churches who have trained pastors.” Since 2007 HBM has shepherded the training of thousands of pastors and helped plant over 2000 new churches. HBMZambia has now taken the lead in training more pastors and planting more churches. Over 1500 pastors are being trained in a discipleship model by fellow pastors who have received the 3 year bible training from HBM.

Teaching the Word

Teaching the Word

HIMAfrica/Jeff Hawkins has partnered with HBMZ to provide the resources their pastors need for Bible training and ministry. The Bible Conferences are supplemental training and an encouragement to the brothers who are thankful for the help from their American brothers and sisters.

We are asking God to provide $15,000 to fund the pastor conferences in June and purchase 600 study Bibles for the attendees.  Give here or mail to Hope Builders Ministries, POBox 317, Greenwood, VA 22943

You can contact for more information. Jeff is available to speak in your church or small group by appointment.

2012 Zambia Mission

Training Pastors in Zambia

Prayer Requests: 2012 Zambia Mission
My flight to Zambia yesterday had to be delayed because of passport issues. Hopefully this will be resolved in a few days. Please pray that I will have it soon.
Another prayer request is for additional funds for the work to be done while in Zambia. Would you prayerfully consider presenting this ministry to your contacts, church and associates to help with the expenses of this trip and future ministry in Zambia?
Here are the things I will be focusing on while in Zambia (May 22 – July 13).
1. Pastoral training Our main mission is to train pastors and raise up new pastors in the Word of God. I will be encouraging the leaders in this training and conducting as many leadership seminars as time and money allow. The emphasis is on the centrality of the Word of God in their ministries, proper Bible Study Methods and use of the training material as well as the implementation of the Hub Model of Discipleship.
2. Distribution of training material to over 1400 pastors presently in training or waiting to start. (There are over 1000 pastors besides these that are praying for training.)
3. The establishment of 3 new areas of ministry – Kafue, Mansa, and Kabwe.
4. The organization of a new Region This will be the combining of 5 districts into the Muchinga Region under the leadership of Pastor James Bwalya.
5. Encouragement of the work in the extreme Northwestern Province around Kabompo. This is a very difficult area because of its remoteness. Pastor George Masela is the District Leader there and needs our encouragement.
6. Outreach in Rural Livingstone area, working with our pastors there.
7. DRC There will also be contact with our work in DRC on the border of Zambia. The District Leader, pastor Deco, is waiting on French training material and Swahili Bibles. We will also instruct and encourage him and his leaders in the HUB model of discipleship.
As you can see there is much that is hoped to be accomplished. Please partner with us, the pastor-missionaries and me, as we strengthen their hands with pastoral training, bibles, ministry tools and encouragement in the work they are doing.
Specifically the need is for a minimum of $5000.  Give Here
Your gift can be mailed to: Hope Builders Ministries, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 Designate Zambia
Hope Builders Ministries is committed to the indigenous missionary. The incredible work that God is doing in many remote places through them is marvelous to behold. We have the privilege in our day to partner with them. HBM is your ambassador overseeing the proper distribution of funds and the quality of the work. We have personally witnessed God’s favor with our brothers as they are trained in the Word and encouraged by the Western Church with the resources we take for granted.
Nchelenga Leadership Conference

Leadership Training Seminar

6500 indigenous pastors are in Bible training at the present moment with Hope Builders Ministries in 8 African countries.  1400 of these are in Zambia. This biblical training of pastors affects multiple thousands of believers in the congregations of these pastors. New congregations/churches are continuously being founded as the Word of God spreads in remote areas where multiple languages and cultures are not a barrier to these indigenous witnesses for Christ.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us. We will be honored to be your ambassadors to indigenous pastoral and church planting missions in Africa.
Making Disciples in Africa,
Jeff Hawkins (HIMAfrica)

ITS NOT TOO LATE To Make a Difference In 2011

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Looking back 2011 has been a marvelous year in Zambia to the Glory of God!

In April and May my friend Bill and I traversed Zambia delivering Training Manuals and reinforcing the HUB model of Church Planting, Pastoral Training and Discipleship. 700 NEW pastors began training with their mentor/pastors who disciple them. We began our journey in South Africa hitching a ride through Zimbabwe with Herbie who is Hope Builders Ministries’ partner in Malawi. In Livingstone we met another ministry, ERM, that “loaned” us their vehicle for the next 6 weeks so that we could make the journey throughout the vast and rugged country.

As we traveled and visited with the different ministries throughout Zambia it was encouraging to see the deep conviction and dedication of the men and women we are privileged to work alongside of. They are doing so much with so little, except FAITH. They truly trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, not only for saving grace but for living grace. They live by faith day to day in a place where the next meal is a matter of trusting God and hard work. We have a hard time comprehending that kind of faith and living.

Our ministry (HIMAfrica) with Hope Builders Ministries is TO SUPPORT the indigenous missionary pastors in Zambia. I emphasize TO SUPPORT because unlike traditional missionaries I do not LIVE in Zambia, setting up home and headquarters and DOING the work of ministry myself. The World of Missions is rapidly changing as church and mission organizations realize that the vast resources expended on training, equipping and keeping ONE Western missionary on the field (6 years – $500,000)  is much better spent directly on the missionaries that already live on the “field” of service. The local Christians already know the language, culture and HOW to live on the local economy. (Most Western Missionaries continue to live like westerners in developing countries causing all kinds of hindrances to the Gospel.)

HIMAfrica and Hope Builders Ministries exist to support the native missionaries that are already there. We are Helping Indigenous Ministries in Africa. Hope Builders Ministries philosophy is to equip and encourage the church in Africa to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord to Make Disciples to the end of time.

Using the local Christian leaders, who have formal Biblical training, we come along side these godly men and help them “Make Disciples” by providing the resources they need… Bibles, Training Manuals, Bicycles, Training Centers, Farming implements, basic widow/orphan support and other basic “tools” …to do the work of the ministry. These men focus on making disciples who in turn make disciples who make disciples. IT is the multiplication method taught to us in the Scriptures.

Zambia has seen over 1500 church planted and pastors trained in the past 10 years. Hope Builders Ministries has been directly involved in upwards of 5000 churches planted and pastors trained in the same period. These are phenomenal results that are unheard of in traditional missions.  As the momentum builds it is possible in this next year that over 2000 new churches will be planted and new pastors begin training in Zambia alone! This is because THEY, the Disciples of Christ on the ground, are doing the work just as they were designed to do. Ephesians 4:12 clearly tells us that the PEOPLE do the WORK of the MINISTRY. We believe this. The indigenous pastors believe this. AND God does it, by His Grace and the empowering of the Holy Spirit as we obey the Word of God.

This is where you come in and can MAKE A DIFFERENCE before this year is over. Here is what you can do:

  • PRAY for us (HIMAfrica) and Hope Builders Ministries regularly.
  • GIVE a year-end gift to help us close the year in the “black.” Zambia needs to pay off the $4500 vehicle we purchased using funds from a fellow ministry. They need their money and we need your help to pay it back.
  • MAKE a decision to partner with Lou Ann and me this next year by giving to our monthly support so that we can continue to Help our brothers and sisters in Zambia. We need your partnership.
  • RECOMMEND our ministry to your church and contacts. This ministry is growing and the needed support base must grow with it.

Lou Ann and I send you our warmest blessings in Jesus Name. Thank you for loving us and partnering with us in the great work God is doing in Africa making disciples.

Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins (working in Zambia, southern Congo (DRC) and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)

Hope Builders Ministries, PO Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 (all gifts are tax-deductible and will be receipted)

National Ministry Vehicle