Why Support Indigenous Missionaries?

Following Christ

Following Christ

Partnering with indigenous ministries in Africa and India just makes sense.

When you support a Zambian or Indian missionary you have saved time, money and SOULS!

TIME is saved because these missionaries already know the language and the culture of their native country. They have a built in understanding of their people both culturally and linguistically. The average western missionary must spend years preparing to go (language studies and building support) and once on the field it takes MANY years to truly learn the culture and communicate relevantly. Over 60% of western missionaries do not return to the field after their first “furlough” meaning everything has to start over.

MONEY: It costs over $500,000 dollars to train, equip, move and keep a western missionary/family on the field for 4 (FOUR) years! The whole process takes at least 6 years. AND this does not include the cost of “doing” ministry on the field. Native missionaries already live in the economy of their culture. There is no moving, language studies or abnormal costs of living. Unlike the western missionary they live at the same standard of living as their fellows. For a fraction of the cost ($21,000 over 6 years) 40 native pastors can be trained and equipped in the Word of God and they stay on the field all their lives. IF we apply the western standard to the native church most of those who do leave home to study and prepare do not return to their rural setting but gravitate to the comfort of the city where most “missions” tend to take place. (Not that there is not a need, but there are already an abundance of native and foreign missionaries living there.)

Missions trips also known as “short-term” missions are very expensive. Many well intentioned believers spend multiple thousands of dollars to go on a mission’s trip for a few weeks. This same amount of money could support scores and even hundreds of native missionaries already on the field and working but without many needed resources.

Mazabuka, Zambia HUB Pastors

Mazabuka, Zambia HUB Pastors

SOULS: A HUB of 40 missionary pastors will win thousands of people to Christ, starting many new bible preaching, Gospel believing churches in their communities. It is amazing to see and experience the growth of the church in Africa and India. God is bringing in a GREAT Harvest of Souls through the ministry of the African and Indian Indigenous Church. Because of the cultural and language barriers a foreign missionary may win a few hundred people to Christ and plant a church or maybe two, but most do not last when the missionary departs (actual statistics).

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the BRETHREN. But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his BROTHER in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. (1Jn 3:16-18)

Motorcycle for Pastor overseeing the training of 10 HUB pastors (400 men total).

Motorcycle for Pastor overseeing the training of 10 HUB pastors (400 men total).

A CHURCH or individual can sponsor a HUB of native missionary pastors for $300 a month. In 6 years this HUB can grow into 40 trained pastors and 40 Gospel Churches with THOUSANDS of new souls serving Christ and becoming Disciples. NOW that is  FRUIT which can be shared in the DAY of Visitation! Many will gather around the Throne of God with thousands of their brethren they had a part in coming to Christ.

The Mission Paradigm has changed. Many places do not need foreign missionaries, but they do need their fellow Christians in the western world to partner with them. The Apostle Paul collected gifts from the Gentile church to take to the poor church in Palestine. A few went to distribute the funds and give accountability to the project, but there were no missionaries sent to Israel. There were plenty of Christians there, even Apostles. They needed material help. This is the case in most countries around the world. The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is well established, but it is poor. It is not leaderless. (The Lord Jesus Himself “gave some to be “leaders” and the Holy Spirit gives the different gifts of leadership as He see fit.) The leaders there need help to train more leaders. They need Bibles and training materials. They can use bicycles and motorcycles to help them to cover more territory in places that do not have adequate roads. They need a bit of financial support to help them facilitate ministry.

Pastors Conference in India

Pastors Conference in India

HIMAfrica and HIMIndia has partnered with Hope Builders Ministries to provide the link between the American Church and the Church in Africa and India. With your partnership literally thousands of believers can be trained and equipped to take the Gospel to their own people in a very short amount of time with a loving and strategic investment on your part.

Join us today. There will be much to “boast” about in the Kingdom that is coming if you do.

Philippians 2:16  Hold firmly to the message of life. Then I can boast in the DAY of Christ that I didn’t run in vain or labor for nothing.

Zambia July 2013

Lou Ann and Jeff Hawkins – HIMAfrica

HBMZ Matthew Daka, Livingstone Pastors Banda, Muyimbango and Soko, HBM President Johan Gous
HBMZ Matthew Daka, Livingstone Pastors Banda, Muyimbango and Soko, HBM President Johan Gous

In July Lou Ann and I were privileged to be with our Zambian brothers and sisters in Livingstone and Mazabuka. Steve Slater, Debbie Morris, Heather Reynolds and Karsen Davis joined  Johan and Lida Gous  and us partnering with pastors Soko, Banda and Muyimbangu to share the gospel in Zecco Compound.

The week was filled with the joy of experiencing the impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the saving of souls.

Jeff and Johan met with the Livingstone HUB to encourage them in the making of disciples and pastoral training. Pastor Steve ZeccoChildrenSlater challenged the men from 1 Timothy.


Lou Ann, Heather and Karsen spent the first week working with children in Zecco and also at the Kwathu Children’s Home.

The second week most of the team went to Mazabuka to work with children and conduct a pastors conference. Lou Ann and her two young ladies worked in a small village at the home of District Leader Michael Mufaya.

Mazabuka District Pastors

Mazabuka District Pastors

Pastor Steve, Johan, Matthew Daka and I spoke to the Mazabuka HBMZ district pastors. This was an encouraging time as well. The ministry in Mazabuka continue to grow as the pastors disciple their churches and other pastors in the Word of God. Pastors who had not received study Bibles were blessed with a copy at the conference.

The Dignity Project is also being enlarged in Mazabuka with the acquiring of 10 acres of land from an area Chief. A widow and orphan ministry will be developed along with a gardening/farming project to teach new techniques and help the church to sustain itself. There will also be chicken and other animal husbandry projects.
Pray for Carl and Ilna Paalman who will be coming to this site to oversee the project.

Thank you for praying and partnering with Lou Ann and me “Helping Indigenous Ministries in Africa.”

We appreciate you. Please follow us here and on Facebook.

ITS NOT TOO LATE To Make a Difference In 2011

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Looking back 2011 has been a marvelous year in Zambia to the Glory of God!

In April and May my friend Bill and I traversed Zambia delivering Training Manuals and reinforcing the HUB model of Church Planting, Pastoral Training and Discipleship. 700 NEW pastors began training with their mentor/pastors who disciple them. We began our journey in South Africa hitching a ride through Zimbabwe with Herbie who is Hope Builders Ministries’ partner in Malawi. In Livingstone we met another ministry, ERM, that “loaned” us their vehicle for the next 6 weeks so that we could make the journey throughout the vast and rugged country.

As we traveled and visited with the different ministries throughout Zambia it was encouraging to see the deep conviction and dedication of the men and women we are privileged to work alongside of. They are doing so much with so little, except FAITH. They truly trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, not only for saving grace but for living grace. They live by faith day to day in a place where the next meal is a matter of trusting God and hard work. We have a hard time comprehending that kind of faith and living.

Our ministry (HIMAfrica) with Hope Builders Ministries is TO SUPPORT the indigenous missionary pastors in Zambia. I emphasize TO SUPPORT because unlike traditional missionaries I do not LIVE in Zambia, setting up home and headquarters and DOING the work of ministry myself. The World of Missions is rapidly changing as church and mission organizations realize that the vast resources expended on training, equipping and keeping ONE Western missionary on the field (6 years – $500,000)  is much better spent directly on the missionaries that already live on the “field” of service. The local Christians already know the language, culture and HOW to live on the local economy. (Most Western Missionaries continue to live like westerners in developing countries causing all kinds of hindrances to the Gospel.)

HIMAfrica and Hope Builders Ministries exist to support the native missionaries that are already there. We are Helping Indigenous Ministries in Africa. Hope Builders Ministries philosophy is to equip and encourage the church in Africa to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord to Make Disciples to the end of time.

Using the local Christian leaders, who have formal Biblical training, we come along side these godly men and help them “Make Disciples” by providing the resources they need… Bibles, Training Manuals, Bicycles, Training Centers, Farming implements, basic widow/orphan support and other basic “tools” …to do the work of the ministry. These men focus on making disciples who in turn make disciples who make disciples. IT is the multiplication method taught to us in the Scriptures.

Zambia has seen over 1500 church planted and pastors trained in the past 10 years. Hope Builders Ministries has been directly involved in upwards of 5000 churches planted and pastors trained in the same period. These are phenomenal results that are unheard of in traditional missions.  As the momentum builds it is possible in this next year that over 2000 new churches will be planted and new pastors begin training in Zambia alone! This is because THEY, the Disciples of Christ on the ground, are doing the work just as they were designed to do. Ephesians 4:12 clearly tells us that the PEOPLE do the WORK of the MINISTRY. We believe this. The indigenous pastors believe this. AND God does it, by His Grace and the empowering of the Holy Spirit as we obey the Word of God.

This is where you come in and can MAKE A DIFFERENCE before this year is over. Here is what you can do:

  • PRAY for us (HIMAfrica) and Hope Builders Ministries regularly.
  • GIVE a year-end gift to help us close the year in the “black.” Zambia needs to pay off the $4500 vehicle we purchased using funds from a fellow ministry. They need their money and we need your help to pay it back.
  • MAKE a decision to partner with Lou Ann and me this next year by giving to our monthly support so that we can continue to Help our brothers and sisters in Zambia. We need your partnership.
  • RECOMMEND our ministry to your church and contacts. This ministry is growing and the needed support base must grow with it.

Lou Ann and I send you our warmest blessings in Jesus Name. Thank you for loving us and partnering with us in the great work God is doing in Africa making disciples.

Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins (working in Zambia, southern Congo (DRC) and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)

Hope Builders Ministries, PO Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 (all gifts are tax-deductible and will be receipted)

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