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Orrisa Pastors

Orrisa Pastors

In February Jeff Hawkins was sent to India by the Grace Bible Church to validate a pastoral ministry there and to explore possibilities of developing it along the lines of the ministry in Zambia. You can see many pictures and posts on Facebook/HIMIndia. HIMIndia will be an “associate ministry” of Hope Builders Ministries. Today HIMIndia.com

has been registered and will be launched soon. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to begin this ministry of training pastors and planting new churches in a country of over 1.2 BILLION souls with less than 5% being evangelical Christians.

The initial goal is to find partners to support this ministry. The goal for 2013 is $3000 in monthly support. At present there is $300 pledged, 10%! A good start! Praise the Lord. Donations will be given through HBMin.org online or Hope Builders Ministries, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 Designated: HIMIndia

What is the plan?


First, HIMIndia will support the administration of the ministry in India. This will be done through Stephen Prasad and Gospel for the Perishing Souls Ministry. Bishop Stephen has a network of 23 pastors who are coordinating the ministry in many districts in Andhra Pradesh (over 100 million souls). This team will administer the training and help organize the planting of new churches using the HUB model of discipleship. The MiniBibleCollege curriculum will be used as the basic 3 year Bible training program.

At present there are upwards of 500 pastors in this network. Most of these men have never received any formal Biblical training and desire it. The problem is availability and affordability. The MBC curriculum make it affordable for HIMIndia and its partners to print and distribute this material to men in the rural areas of India. The HUB model of disciple making provides the availability in partnership with GPS and Stephen Prasad.

Pray with us for the financial base to provide this ongoing training that will grow exponentially as the men begin making other disciples in the years to come. The projected initial training will begin with about 250 pastors/pastors in training.

PUSH with us. That is Pray Until Something Happens!

Also, please considering giving a generous gift to help us get this ministry off the ground. Men are ready and waiting on the training material. You can help expedite the HIMIndia ministry.

Thank you,

Jeff Hawkins
HIMIndia Coordinator

Making Disciples with the HUB Model

HUB Model

HUB Model


The Lord Jesus Christ has commanded all believers to be disciples and disciple-makers everywhere you go, of everybody who responds to the Gospel (GK: ethnos, ethnic groups), all the time (Matthew 28:18-20).  This command is just that, a command, not an option, for  everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Hope Builders Ministries’ heartbeat is to obey this command and to help other believers obey it as well (disciple making). In Africa HBM uses a disciple-making strategy called the “HUB” model. 2 Timothy 2:2 declares this model when Paul says to Timothy, by the Holy Spirit, “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”  This is a four generation strategy to continually be producing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Disciples are made not born. Believers are born by the Spirit of God when they hear and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Who He is and What He has done). Disciples are made when a believer who has become a disciple begins to win people to Christ and teach them to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the context of the local church.

HBM, working in Africa, partners with indigenous missionaries to equip them to make disciples who make disciples.  The Native Missionary/Pastor becomes a mentor of other pastors. While being trained, he, with the guidance of his trainer, identifies 3 other disciple pastors who are willing to be trained and mentored in the Word of God and pastoral leadership. At the same time the pastor’s local church is being built up in the Word of God as he teaches what he is learning. The local church is learning to reach out with the Gospel in obedience to the Command of Christ to make disciples.

HBM provides a 3 year Bible Curriculum that is taught by the discipler to his students, as well as Study Bibles to the pastors and Bibles to the believers.

With this model HBM Zambia has experienced tremendous growth. In two years 1500 men have been brought into pastoral training, some have been pastors for a long time, many are new. All are church planting disciple-makers. We anticipate another 1000 new men in training in 2013.

Today there are over 150 HUBS growing  in Zambia.          PRAISE THE LORD!


2012 Zambia Mission

Training Pastors in Zambia

Prayer Requests: 2012 Zambia Mission
My flight to Zambia yesterday had to be delayed because of passport issues. Hopefully this will be resolved in a few days. Please pray that I will have it soon.
Another prayer request is for additional funds for the work to be done while in Zambia. Would you prayerfully consider presenting this ministry to your contacts, church and associates to help with the expenses of this trip and future ministry in Zambia?
Here are the things I will be focusing on while in Zambia (May 22 – July 13).
1. Pastoral training Our main mission is to train pastors and raise up new pastors in the Word of God. I will be encouraging the leaders in this training and conducting as many leadership seminars as time and money allow. The emphasis is on the centrality of the Word of God in their ministries, proper Bible Study Methods and use of the training material as well as the implementation of the Hub Model of Discipleship.
2. Distribution of training material to over 1400 pastors presently in training or waiting to start. (There are over 1000 pastors besides these that are praying for training.)
3. The establishment of 3 new areas of ministry – Kafue, Mansa, and Kabwe.
4. The organization of a new Region This will be the combining of 5 districts into the Muchinga Region under the leadership of Pastor James Bwalya.
5. Encouragement of the work in the extreme Northwestern Province around Kabompo. This is a very difficult area because of its remoteness. Pastor George Masela is the District Leader there and needs our encouragement.
6. Outreach in Rural Livingstone area, working with our pastors there.
7. DRC There will also be contact with our work in DRC on the border of Zambia. The District Leader, pastor Deco, is waiting on French training material and Swahili Bibles. We will also instruct and encourage him and his leaders in the HUB model of discipleship.
As you can see there is much that is hoped to be accomplished. Please partner with us, the pastor-missionaries and me, as we strengthen their hands with pastoral training, bibles, ministry tools and encouragement in the work they are doing.
Specifically the need is for a minimum of $5000.  Give Here
Your gift can be mailed to: Hope Builders Ministries, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 Designate Zambia
Hope Builders Ministries is committed to the indigenous missionary. The incredible work that God is doing in many remote places through them is marvelous to behold. We have the privilege in our day to partner with them. HBM is your ambassador overseeing the proper distribution of funds and the quality of the work. We have personally witnessed God’s favor with our brothers as they are trained in the Word and encouraged by the Western Church with the resources we take for granted.
Nchelenga Leadership Conference

Leadership Training Seminar

6500 indigenous pastors are in Bible training at the present moment with Hope Builders Ministries in 8 African countries.  1400 of these are in Zambia. This biblical training of pastors affects multiple thousands of believers in the congregations of these pastors. New congregations/churches are continuously being founded as the Word of God spreads in remote areas where multiple languages and cultures are not a barrier to these indigenous witnesses for Christ.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us. We will be honored to be your ambassadors to indigenous pastoral and church planting missions in Africa.
Making Disciples in Africa,
Jeff Hawkins (HIMAfrica)

12 pastors in 2009 become 75 in 2012!

Pastor Chali

Pastor Makanta

Pastor Makanta













KAWAMBWA is the capital of the Luapula (WAH-POO-LA) Province of Zambia. It is beautiful country. Bill, Matthew and I traveled through it last May and were dazzled by the beautiful, lush country with rolling hills and lots of waterways. We drove through canopies of tree lined dirt roads for miles and miles. When we arrived in the city we were met by two young pastors, Ebeneezer Chali and Thomas Makanta. I first met these young men at a conference on the Copperbelt in September 2009. There they received their first set of training manuals for their new hub of 12 pastors to train. The course of study was Values of Christ and The Gospel and Acts.

My friend Steve Warren and I traveled to Kawambwa later that month in 2009 where we met and encouraged Ebeneezer and Thomas. God provided them with a new bicycle each. They were very happy with that gift as it enabled them to travel to the distant churches much easier, to plant new churches and to train new pastors.

Today March 28, 2012 I received their latest report on the work in Kawambwa. The original 12 pastors are now 75 pastors in training. 27 of these men will begin their studies in May when the new material is delivered.

The heart of Hope Builders Ministries is “Equipping Disciples to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples.” It is the biblical principle of 2 Timothy 2:2. Our pastors in training are in a course to study a 3 year Bible Curriculum under the tutelage of trained pastor. To graduate each pastor in training must make 3 disciples, a “Peter, James and John.” They will work with their disciple pastors to establish three new churches winning people to Christ in the villages they have chosen.

Church saturation is the goal. Remote areas that have had no gospel witness now have a growing Christian community being led by a trained pastor. The community of believers are taught to “make disciples” and in turn reach even deeper into the rural community. Many times a whole village or chiefdom are won to Christ and then neighboring villages.

Faithful churches and individuals in the United States partner with the Lord and the HUB Pastors in Zambia to make this possible. $300 per month supports the work that faithful men like Ebeneezer and Thomas to grow 12 churches with trained pastors into 75 in less than three years! By 2014 all of these will have completed their training and hundreds more will have come into training.

Each church averages over 100 souls!

Share this story with your church, small group or Sunday School class and sponsor a Hub. YOU will be a part of planting scores of churches and winning thousands of souls to Christ. In eternity you will have the JOY of meeting people that are there because you cared and shared in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Explaining our Mission Model


Equipping DISCIPLES to make disciples who make disciples

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Website: www.hope-builders.org E-Mail: Africa@hope-builders.org

Our vision of reaching Africa for Jesus Christ, in collaboration with Harvesters International Ministries and Evangelical Rural Mission is progressing well and we are seeing our Hub-model Saturation Church Planting Strategy achieving results that are beyond our own expectations. We are currently working in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Congo Brazzaville with Botswana and Zimbabwe under research consideration and receiving increasing attention.

The Hub-model

The hub strategy forms the basis of our entire ministry – with the hub church and the hub leader being the key elements. A hub-church is chosen for its strategic location in an area where the population is distributed such that outreaches can be done in an area covering a 25 mile radius around the hub-church. Generally speaking that could encompass villages housing about 50,000 people in total. It also doubles as the training center where the identified “pastors”, for that area, will be trained.

The Hub Leader is a trained Pastor who joins our team by accepting and implementing the Hub-model strategy. He leads an evangelism team who reach out to villages within walking/bicycling distance from the Hub church. The hub-leader is required to plant 10 churches within a year.

His second task is to identify leaders for the church plants his team has done. These leaders are brought in to the hub church on a regular basis (3 days every 5 weeks) to receive Pastoral Training. The training is done on a mentoring basis for three years. The hub leader also mentors each student in the practical side of their ministry i.e. he teaches and assists them in performing baptisms, communion, funerals, meeting procedures, etc (in an apprenticeship model).

Each student (pastoral leader of the church plant) is required to plant one church per year while being trained, in a village within walking/bicycling distance of his church. Thus over a period of 3 years 30 additional new churches are planted within a 25 mile radius around the hub church, bringing the total number of churches planted in that area to 40 plus the hub church.

Our goal is to saturate the entire community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the hub grows each village is targeted by the evangelism teams after the church there has been planted and the leader is in training. This allows us to perform the very important task of following up on new believers, making them DISCIPLES of Christ and accommodating them in an Evangelical church within walking distance from their homes. On average each Hub can potentially reach 30,000 people when fully developed over a five to six year period, while also providing trained local leadership to continue the ministry when our commitment comes to a close. Tithing forms an integral part of our practical training and as such the congregations will be self supporting through the growth in spiritual stature and numbers.

ICM (International Cooperating Ministries) has become our partner in providing the sanctuary/training center which serves as the hub-church. We presently have 86 buildings finished or under construction with another 20 planned for the next 12 months.

The fact that the Pastors of the churches planted all know one another and share the vision we have taught them has a unifying effect that is seen in their cooperation in reaching out to new villages. Thus sharing the load and enhancing the effectiveness of the outreaches. In this way we presented a number of “national-to-national outreaches” in 2009 resulting in 27,000 people responding to join the discipleship program.

We currently have 182 hubs in various stages of development and we expect to establish a further 40 in 2010. The number of Pastoral students in training currently stands at just over 5,400 and will grow to an expected 6,000 in this next year.

We provide pastoral students with a bicycle, Bible and training materials while the only person we employ is the hub leader. The average cost per hub per month to accomplish our goals is $300.

The Discipleship program, where new believers are taught the basic tenets of the Christian faith, is run at every church planted by the pastor/student undergoing the training firsthand. As the Lord provides, one Bible per family is made available to ensure that they receive the maximum benefit from the training we provide. The importance of practical participation in living out our faith is stressed and for that they need to at least have access to a Bible.

To enhance the impact of our basic Hub-program we have augmented it with a program designed to reach children, called the Children Harvest Project. This “Cluster system” works on the same multiplying basis as the Hub Model, but trains local women to reach children with the Gospel. The success of this program has drawn the attention of public schools officials in a number of districts and our locally trained teachers have been invited to bring the Gospel to entire schools with great effect.

The child sponsorship program provides food, clothing, medical needs and school fees to 230 orphans currently in the program. This outreach focuses on orphans and their foster families. We expect this leg of our ministry to grow as there are many “child led families” where the first two or three children are born before the parents contract Aids – children born there after as well as the parents succumb to the illness leaving the oldest child (10 to 14 years of age) to lead and fend for the surviving siblings.

In sub-Sahara Africa, 1.4 million people die every year of AIDS related illness, about 3,800 every day.

We have started using widows in the roll of caring for orphans also as they themselves find it difficult to live after their husbands family have taken his belongings as theirs – stems from the cultural practice that only men own anything. The roll the widow plays in child rearing (orphans) redeems her as a respected member of the community – thus two purposes are served in one action. We are experiencing great success in Mozambique.

All gifts made out to Hope Builders are tax deductible.

More information contact:

Johan Gous 434 825 7661 or africa@hope-builders.org

Jeff Hawkins 931 237 6077 or jeff@HIMAfrica.com