The Impact of Indigenous Missions

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know this is anecdotal, but the testimonies of changed lives coming from our co-workers continue to roll in. This change is by the grace of God through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Our Triune God is all glorious!

Let me share with you this edited testimony. (It is edited so that you will understand the limited English and protect our brothers and sisters who are persecuted for the Faith.)

“Before I became a Christians I was a Priest in the Hindhu Rama Temple. Now I am the pastor of the _______ Church these past 10 years. I was very proud of my style and way of living and ministry. Not one of my fellow pastors in the area could tell me how to be a better pastor or teacher. My church members also feared me. This is how I presented myself to people.

BUT, by the grace of God and His Word taught by Prabhukiran with HBM India, I was convicted concerning the way I treated my fellow believers as their pastor. They are to be sons and daughters to me, brothers and sisters, not my servants and property. My commitment now is to make disciples and be a sending church, reaching out to unbelievers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before we never looked to unbelievers. Now we are doing God’s mission to seek and save the lost and make disciples.

Please, come again Brother Prabhukiran and teach us more about making disciples. We are with you!”

Hope Builders Ministries is Helping Indigenous Missions in Africa and India. The impact is HUGE because of the resource being used. The “resource” is the local indigenous  church and its believers. These brothers and sister know the language and culture and how to live on the economy. What many don’t have is adequate training in the Word of God concerning the mission of disciple making. HBM partners with trained and qualified indigenous missionaries, pastors and ministries to make disciples of existing believers who are then equipped, encouraged and empowered through their local churches to reach out into their communities and win souls and make disciples for Christ.

The impact is incredible. The Word of God is powerful. The Truth does set you free! Many Christians, including pastors, are trapped in false teaching and ignorance and self focused pursuits. HBM partners reach out to these with Bible training and seminars and exciting strategies for the local believers to make an impact for the Lord in their communities. Churches are experiencing revival. Believers are being emboldened to take God’s powerful Gospel to their neighbors, family and friends and foes! Many Souls are being saved and many disciples of Christ are being made. Jesus Saves and Disciples make disciples!

ECFA_Accredited_Final_CMYK_ET2Your KINGDOM investment with Hope Builders Ministries is money well given. There is no huge bureaucratic and administrative cost employing many many office workers and representatives.  90% of every $dollar goes to the mission field and the indigenous partners.

Partner with HBM and Indigenous Ministries and Missionaries in Africa and India. Make an eternal difference winning souls to Christ and making disciples who follow the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.


Jeffrey Hawkins is the country coordinator for Zambia and India with Hope Builders Ministries.

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