Set Free to Share the Gospel

As in so many parts of the world women are kept “in their place” and not allowed outside of certain traditional and customary boundaries. This is true within the Church as well. There is no doubt that the role of men and women are different but when it comes to the Gospel and sharing the Word of God with your connections the roles are the same. As believers we are all called and commissioned to “make disciples” everywhere we go, with everyone we meet to the end of time (when Jesus comes or calls us home)” Here is the testimony of a sister freed by the preaching of the Word of God and encouraged by a husband and wife team encouraging believers from the Word of God to obey the Great Commission and be Ambassadors for Christ. Listen…

My name is ______, a political leader in my area. I was recently baptized and joined my local church as a member. I told my pastor that I have many networks from my contacts with whom I can share the Word of God. My pastor replied, “…no…you are not eligible to bring them the Word. You are a woman and not called to ministry. It would not be right.” I was very disappointed not to do the ministry. From that time until today I never share about the One True GOD with any one.

But by the GRACE OF GOD and WORD OF GOD through Pastor Prabhukiran I was very much encouraged today. The Lord has revealed to me that I can and should be sharing the Word of God and teaching the Word of God and making women disciples for God. Praise the Lord brother for this wonderful seminar. It challenges us to GO to all the nation for Christ. I never heard about this kind of teaching. Many organizations would come and only focus on healing and giving and sitting. This has been different from them. Now I know that I and all believers are to be SHARING, PRAYING, TEACHING, SENDING, DISCIPLING, GO FOR GOD’S WILL. This kind of teaching is excellent. Please come again brother for the tribal area were I am living. We are praying for HBM.
Thank you!

Hope Builders Ministries mission is to equip, encourage and empower indigenous Christians to make disciples in their communities and everywhere God sends them. You can support indigenous missions HERE

Thank you for praying and sharing.

Jeff Hawkins
Hope Builders Ministries INDIA

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