The End of Time – Thy Kingdom Come

The study of the End-Times is relevant to our lives today because of the WORLDWIDE changes happening at a very quick pace all around us. With worldwide instant communication available we are all very aware of these rapid developments. This can cause fear and anxiety. The people of God should not be anxious, but instead expectant! We expect the LORD Jesus Christ to come again and complete what He has intended from the beginning, that is, to establish His eternal KINGDOM over the whole universe with MANKIND as His Co-regents.

While we wait in this “time of the Gentiles,” we must remember that the Kingdom is NOT YET, but it is certain.

God, who can not lie, promised to establish this RULE beginning with His promise to Adam and Eve (the SEED) and then to Abraham (the LAND and the innumerable SEED, both Jews and Gentiles) and David (the SEED on the THRONE eternally). Today, we who have believed in the Lord Jesus carry the Kingdom in our hearts, because Christ is IN us.  We also carry the message of the KINGDOM on our lips as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone, everywhere until Jesus returns. This is our “great commission” from Christ. We are KINGDOM PROCLAIMERS.

This “proclamation” is for all to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, so that they too can be sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God. Unless a person is “born again” he can not be a part of the Kingdom of God. It is our calling to PLEAD with mankind to be reconciled to God. How shall they believe in whom they have not heard? How shall they hear unless someone tells them? We all are “sent!”

Will you go and make disciples? Will you have “beautiful feet” and proclaim the good news, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God?

Jeff Hawkins works with and trains indigenous missionaries in Zambia and India.

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