WHY Indigenous Missions

Why Indigenous ‪#‎Missions‬? Pictured below is a District of 40 pastors being trained by Hope Builders India under the guidance of Stephen Prasad. They have been training for ONE year now. Already 13 NEW churches have been planted in their district! Praise the LORD. The Bible Training has made them better pastors who are preaching the Word of God and better able to disciple their people to maturity in Christ. The congregation become disciple makers displaying the righteousness of God in their communities.

‪#‎IndigenousMissions‬ is cost effective and culturally effective. This is why Hope Builders Ministries is “Rapidly Winning Communities to CHRIST through Indigenous Disciple Making.”
Partner with Missions!
YOU, right where you live, can become an effective, active and important part of Indigenous Missions.

  • PRAY for Hope Builders India and directors Stephen Prasad and Prabhukiran Rambabu.
  • GIVE. Become a monthly supporter of Indigenous Missions. $25 per month can make a significant difference providing training materials, travel and food. Give online @ https://app.mobilecause.com/form/eod54g
  • #‎ADVOCATE‬! YOU can help raise up partners by sharing this mission opportunity with others. Using this link https://app.mobilecause.com/join/34504? you can get into ministry in a BIG way and help promote and provide for indigenous missions with Hope Builders India.


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