Inductive Bible Study Methods

May 2016 Pastors Conference in Zambia
Teaching Inductive Bible Study Methods

Training the indigenous pastors is the heart and mission of Hope Builders Ministries Zambia. Jeff Hawkins (Hope Builders Ministries USA) organized a Bible Study Methods seminar for May 22-28. 48 first and second level leaders from HBMZ gathered in Musenga outside of Chingola, Zambia for 4 days of study. Pastor Dan Finfrock with Intensive Care Ministries was our guest speaker and trainer.

The men were generally overwhelmed with the amount of information given to properly study the Word. This, however, also opened the door for a deeper awareness of the need to study the Word Inductively. HBM and HBMZ has always taught the importance of Inductive Bible Study Methods but this is the first intentional and in depth seminar on “HOW” to do that. It is our desire to make this an integral part of the 3 year curriculum for all the pastoral students.

Thank you for praying with us and for us as we partner with Indigenous Missions in Africa training pastors in the Word of God.
You can partner with us and support this mission below.

YOU can also be an advocate and HELP raise support for this mission by introducing and inviting your friends to partner with HBMZ.

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