Greetings Dad from Prabhukiran,

This is a testimony from a pastor I recently ministered to. Praise the LORD.

Pastors Prasad and Prabhukiran

Pastors Prasad and Prabhukiran

“I’m Pastor Prasad. I’m 45 years old and I have 3 children. I have been working as a pastor for15 years in an independent church…with out any theological training but Im working as self employed. Believers give some offerings to help support men. On one fine day, I was been invited to an HIMIndia pastors seminar with brother Prabhukiran. That day I totally rededicated my life to God for his great ministry. I think in india many pastors are like me without any souls burden and I’ll pray that this kind of seminars should be conducted all over the country ..thanks to brother Prabhukiran and HIMIndia.”

In his great commission,

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