Prayer imageThank  you Lord for another year in this life so you can prove me and and improve me.

Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are the ONE and only Triune God, Maker of the heaven and earth , salvation of all and sustainer of all. Your eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ is my comfort and source of my strength.

Lord, today, I confess my failure to resist the world, my flesh and the devil himself. I acknowledge with shame my not believing your Word, which is faithful and true. I acknowledge my failure to depend upon your Holy Spirit, whom you gave me when you saved me. Your Spirit, who is in me, I have grieved and quenched! Forgive me.

Lord Jesus, I have denied your cross where you were crucified and where I was crucified with you! Where the power of sin was broken in me. Where the old man was slain! Yet Lord, I have continually raised him up and put him on! Lord, forgive me!

Lord Jesus, I have trampled your precious blood by the many sins I have willfully committed. Lord, it is by your precious blood that I have been forgiven before God! Lord, forgive me! Lord I confess all of this before  you.

Lord, it is by your grace and mercy I have been saved from my sin. You have promised to forgive me when I confess my sin. You have promised to cleanse me from the defilement of my sin and the sin done to me. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for cleansing my heart and mind. It is with confidence in your work, Lord Jesus, that I can come into the presence of God with my prayers. I have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus the Christ and freed by His broken body. YOU, Lord Jesus, are my advocate before the Father. You, Lord Jesus, are the Great High Priest. You have made me a fellow priest with You. Thank you.

Lord Jesus, my Great High Priest, I come to  you for grace not to sin! and for mercy when I do sin. LORD, it is only by your enabling power that I can be qualified to serve in your priesthood and represent you here on this earth.

Lord, as I draw near to you with a sincere heart, full of faith in your shed blood and broken body, I hold fast my confession that YOU, LORD Jesus, are my hope for eternal glory. By your enabling power I strive toward that upward call, that eternal prize of sharing your glory in your Kingdom here on earth, on that Day, when You return in power and great glory. Lord, I strive to be faithful to you in all things.

May I be a continual encouragement to my fellow brothers and sisters to do the same and be a blessing to them so they too can reach that same goal through love and good works. Lord, I strive to be faithful to your assembly, your Church, your Body here on earth until you come to establish your Kingdom here upon this earth. Lord, help me to remember that your Kingdom is not yet, but it is for sure! It is just as sure as your first coming in humility, so your second coming in great power and glory is sure! I am storing up treasures for the glorious Kingdom yet to come, not a worldly kingdom today. May I be humble now so that I may share your glory then!

My desire is to be glorified together with you to the praise of your glory. I want to hear you say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” But Lord, I can only be good and faithful by your enabling power. I strive to walk by faith in you, that is, in your Word, so that your grace may abound in me and to me, O Lord My God.

Thank you for the gift of eternal life! Thank you for the challenge of the prize of sharing your glory in your coming Kingdom!

Lord Jesus, I consider everything to be worthless in view of the surpassing greatness of knowing you and being counted worthy to partake of your glory in your Kingdom. What GRACE! What Honor! Lord Jesus, thank you!

When you return I want to be standing in your righteousness  alone. I do not want to be ashamed in my own righteousness, which is as filthy rags! Today and always, may I know the power of  your resurrection life in me. May I learn to suffer against the world, the flesh and the devil and be conformed in my life to your life and death when you suffered against temptation and for my sin while upon the earth, so that I may walk in this new way of life today.

Lord, by faith I press on to lay hold of your eternal glory for your glory! It is your desire to glorify me together with you. This is my desire too. But I need your grace, your power, working in me.

This is my prayer for 2015 and the rest of my life until I see you face to face.
Maranatha! Come soon Lord Jesus.

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