Pastor Stephen opens TWO new Areas

Tirelessly Working

Tirelessly Working

Pastor Stephen Prasad has opened two new areas of ministry for HIMIndia this month. Following is his report and then a slide show of pictures from his travels. Please continue to pray for HIMIndia and our partner Stephen Prasad. He is committed to the training of the rural tribal pastors in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha states of India. WE are his partners.
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The Report:
Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
On March 18 I traveled to Saluru Mandal, Vizianagar District, Andhra Pradesh. The next day I met with 28 pastors and conducted the HUB Training Program with HIMIndia. The men were from different tribal and rural villages. Many traveled over 30 miles to hear the Word of God. With these 28 pastors I started 3 new hub groups and appointed 3 hub leaders dividing them according to their locations. We started studying Old Testament Survey from the Mini Bible College material. The new Hub Leaders are pastors Prasad, Philip and Valaparao. Thank you for praying for them.

Finishing in Saluru Mandal I traveled on the 21st to L.N. Peta in the Srikakaulam district. This is also a tribal area. Most of these pastors have never received any formal Bible training. They do not have any schools near them. There were 22 pastors attending. Here I also started teaching Old Testament Survey with the MBC material. I formed them into 2 HUBS and appointed hub leaders.
These two areas have much need for the Word of God. There are no Bible Schools to attend and most of the men are very poor not being able to afford schooling and support their families at the same time. They are very excited about the MBC training material and the HUB model.
Praise the Lord for HIMIndia making this material available and the strategy to train rural pastors in the Word of God. This will be very beneficial to the rural pastors and we consider it a Divine gift to lay pastors and Tribal pastors in India. The course is especially designed for those who cannot afford to attend Bible College because of a lack of money, education qualifications and their existing ministries. Who would shepherd the flock if they were gone away to school for a number of years? Hence, it is a tailor made program for them, teaching sound doctrine, bible study methods and protecting them from false doctrine and cults, which abound. We meet for 3 days every month to study together. HIMIndia does not charge them for the material and provides food and accommodations for the 3 days. God has provided me with other trained pastors to help instruct these men in the Word of God. Praise the Lord!


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