Testimony from Zambia!

Titus Shampande - District Leader HBM Zambia

Titus Shampande – District Leader HBM Zambia

On Saturday the 2nd of February 2014, I went to Kansununu Church started last year with my wife. It is 60 KM away. We reached at 1 PM and after we had rested for a while, we went visiting at the nearest villages. A church leader and his wife accompanied us.

At one of the villages, we found many people sitting and we greeted them. One of the villagers told us that they had a 12 year old boy who was very sick and they were all waiting for him to die. In this village only 2 people are members of our church and the rest are Jehovah’s witnesses.

Titus and fellow pastors

Titus and fellow pastors

Titus New Motor

District Leader Titus Shampande and wife

Titus and wife

When the Father of the sick boy saw us, he invited us to go in the house and see the sick boy. As we entered the house, many close relatives were seated by the sick boy who lay on his bed and he could not even speak nor take a cup of water. The boy’s father told us that his son had been in the village hospital for 3 weeks and they said to take him to Solwezi but they were unable to do so and so discouraged that they decided to take the boy back to the village as they had now lost all hope. They did this because all the people in this village suspected that this boy was bewitched by an old woman.

When the boy’s father and the sick child arrived at the village from the village hospital, people grabbed the old woman and started beating her because of the boy’s illness. The Boy’s father pleaded with us to help him because if the boy dies, then the people would also kill the old lady.

I calmed the people and opened my Bible. I spoke the word of God on what the Bible says about sickness and death. After I preached the word, the people who were in the house went outside and only the parents and the church leader who accompanied me were left in the house. We prayed for the boy and sang songs of praises to our Lord Jesus Christ. After the prayers and singing, we went back to the village where we had to spend the night. It was now about 8 PM.

At around 3 AM, the father of the boy knocked on the door were we were sleeping. I thought that he has now come to tell us about the news of the boy’s death. The man told me to go to his house as the boy was now speaking and asking for some food to eat. We went there and found the boy eating porridge. We gave glory to our God for the healing of the boy. Even the many people that mocked at us when we were singing believed in God.

On Sunday, 7 people from that village and the suspected old lady came to church and they gave their lives to the Lord. The boy also he is well and the parents are praising God for the healing.

Reporting, Titus Shampande
HBM Zambia District Leader

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