Zambia July 2013

Lou Ann and Jeff Hawkins – HIMAfrica

HBMZ Matthew Daka, Livingstone Pastors Banda, Muyimbango and Soko, HBM President Johan Gous
HBMZ Matthew Daka, Livingstone Pastors Banda, Muyimbango and Soko, HBM President Johan Gous

In July Lou Ann and I were privileged to be with our Zambian brothers and sisters in Livingstone and Mazabuka. Steve Slater, Debbie Morris, Heather Reynolds and Karsen Davis joined  Johan and Lida Gous  and us partnering with pastors Soko, Banda and Muyimbangu to share the gospel in Zecco Compound.

The week was filled with the joy of experiencing the impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the saving of souls.

Jeff and Johan met with the Livingstone HUB to encourage them in the making of disciples and pastoral training. Pastor Steve ZeccoChildrenSlater challenged the men from 1 Timothy.


Lou Ann, Heather and Karsen spent the first week working with children in Zecco and also at the Kwathu Children’s Home.

The second week most of the team went to Mazabuka to work with children and conduct a pastors conference. Lou Ann and her two young ladies worked in a small village at the home of District Leader Michael Mufaya.

Mazabuka District Pastors

Mazabuka District Pastors

Pastor Steve, Johan, Matthew Daka and I spoke to the Mazabuka HBMZ district pastors. This was an encouraging time as well. The ministry in Mazabuka continue to grow as the pastors disciple their churches and other pastors in the Word of God. Pastors who had not received study Bibles were blessed with a copy at the conference.

The Dignity Project is also being enlarged in Mazabuka with the acquiring of 10 acres of land from an area Chief. A widow and orphan ministry will be developed along with a gardening/farming project to teach new techniques and help the church to sustain itself. There will also be chicken and other animal husbandry projects.
Pray for Carl and Ilna Paalman who will be coming to this site to oversee the project.

Thank you for praying and partnering with Lou Ann and me “Helping Indigenous Ministries in Africa.”

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