HIMIndia – Helping Indigenous Ministries in India

Orrisa Pastors

Orrisa Pastors

In February Jeff Hawkins was sent to India by the Grace Bible Church to validate a pastoral ministry there and to explore possibilities of developing it along the lines of the ministry in Zambia. You can see many pictures and posts on Facebook/HIMIndia. HIMIndia will be an “associate ministry” of Hope Builders Ministries. Today HIMIndia.com

has been registered and will be launched soon. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to begin this ministry of training pastors and planting new churches in a country of over 1.2 BILLION souls with less than 5% being evangelical Christians.

The initial goal is to find partners to support this ministry. The goal for 2013 is $3000 in monthly support. At present there is $300 pledged, 10%! A good start! Praise the Lord. Donations will be given through HBMin.org online or Hope Builders Ministries, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943 Designated: HIMIndia

What is the plan?


First, HIMIndia will support the administration of the ministry in India. This will be done through Stephen Prasad and Gospel for the Perishing Souls Ministry. Bishop Stephen has a network of 23 pastors who are coordinating the ministry in many districts in Andhra Pradesh (over 100 million souls). This team will administer the training and help organize the planting of new churches using the HUB model of discipleship. The MiniBibleCollege curriculum will be used as the basic 3 year Bible training program.

At present there are upwards of 500 pastors in this network. Most of these men have never received any formal Biblical training and desire it. The problem is availability and affordability. The MBC curriculum make it affordable for HIMIndia and its partners to print and distribute this material to men in the rural areas of India. The HUB model of disciple making provides the availability in partnership with GPS and Stephen Prasad.

Pray with us for the financial base to provide this ongoing training that will grow exponentially as the men begin making other disciples in the years to come. The projected initial training will begin with about 250 pastors/pastors in training.

PUSH with us. That is Pray Until Something Happens!

Also, please considering giving a generous gift to help us get this ministry off the ground. Men are ready and waiting on the training material. You can help expedite the HIMIndia ministry.

Thank you,

Jeff Hawkins
HIMIndia Coordinator

1 thought on “HIMIndia – Helping Indigenous Ministries in India

  1. Praise the Lord for what He is about to do in India through you all as His servants!

    I have missionary friends in this area right now who are laboring for the Lord in India. Shajan is from India and DeeDee is from Tuscaloosa, AL. She has encountered some servere health problems but the Lord is healing her. I am hoping to see them while they are in this area.
    Also Bible Time Ministries has several Bible students in Manipur, India. Bro. George Kaizomlal is in charge of the Good News Ministry in his church there, and is seeking help as he serves the Lord there. He is a young man, age 39, who really wants to reach souls. He sent us some pictures of their Anniversary time there in his church. Please pray for them. May God bless you and Lou Ann, Bro. Jeff. I am so happy about the Lord leading you all on into India.

    Love in Christ,
    Mary C. Graham
    P. O. Box 4633
    Pensacola, FL 32507 Psalm 25: 4-5 and Psalm 32:8
    What a wonderful promise!!!!




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