God Saves and Heals today!

Testimony from District Leader Sinoya Sakala, Hope Builders Ministries
Submitted by Jeff Hawkins, Zambia Coordinator, Hope Builders Ministries

Pastor Sinoya Sakala

In mid December 2010 I was approached at home in the evening by a woman in her forties who was in tears. After introductions, she narrated her ordeal to me while sobbing. Her husband George, had recently been employed by a company as a metal fabricator. When prospects were looking brighter, George became very ill. (His bowels were coming out.) He could not sit upright but could only lie down on a couch or bed. The local clinic could not cure him of this malady. (This is not uncommon. There are very few doctors or adequate hospitals and NO health insurance.)
So she had come to me for prayers. I asked her if she knew and believed in Jesus Christ. I discovered from her answers that she was a religious person who believed in salvation by works. She and her family worship at the New Apostolic Church. She professed her faith in Christ after sharing the gospel of Christ with her. Thereafter I prayed for George in absentia. I went visiting with the family the following day. I shared the gospel with George too. Who subsequently professed faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Two days later, George was completely healed and able to get up and move about.
I am currently discipling the couple from their home
Indeed Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. May he alone, be glorified and praised. Amen.
Pastor Sakala is a Bible scholar, discipler of pastors, church planter, apologists and evangelist. We thank the Lord for this man of God. He graduated 14 men last July from our 3 year Calvary Academy. He presently has another class of 10 HUB pastors in training.
Your gifts to Zambia enable Hope Builders Ministries to support this brother in training and equipping men who are called to be pastors but are not able to receive training in colleges.
Jeff Hawkins is the Zambia Coordinator with Hope Builders Ministries. www.hope-buildersministries.org
Jeff’s website: www.himafrica.com

1 thought on “God Saves and Heals today!

  1. Praise the Lord for this wonderful testimony. Truly our God is the same today as He was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. We say this and know it to be true, but so many times do not practice it as if we believe it. I do know that He is still the Great Physician and can heal today, as well as save us. (James 5: 13-20) Praise Him! Thank you, Bro. Jeff, for sharing this testimony.

    Please be in prayer for one of our co-workers whos is facing a triple-by-pass in a few days. She is our BTM bookkeeper, Jean Bisdorf.

    Please pray for another co-worker, Susan Amnott, who is in Massachusetts and New Hampshire visiting family at this time. With all of the snow, her time away could be extended. She had planned for close to a month. While away, her husbands and 2 of her grown sons have been sick.

    I will look forward to hearing from you all again. May God continue to bless you all and your ministry.

    Love in Christ,
    Mary Graham BTM Psalm 18:35

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