Camp Nathanael

This week has been filled with the sound of children singing, playing and praying (praying to receive Jesus as their savior).

Last Saturday Lou Ann and I drove back to eastern Kentucky near Hazard. Our destination was Camp Nathanael in Emmalena ( Johan Gous and his wife Lida met us there for fellowship and planning coming events in Zambia. Sunday Lou Ann and I went to Happy Bible Church to share the Word and HIMAfrica ministry to Zambia. Johan and Lida went to Bethanna Baptist Church (where I pastored for 6 years) and we all met there for lunch and fellowship. GREAT TIME.
That evening we all met with Olivia Callahan and the Gospel singing group Free Indeed. They are organizing a benefit concert for Bibles For Believers to be held August 22. Monday morning Johan and I joined “Sug” Brashere at the local Christian radio station and did an hour long interview for Bibles for Believers! It was awesome. Thank you WJMD! We then had lunch with some local pastors and shared the ministry of Hope Builders International and HIMAfrica.
Johan, Lida and Lou Ann all returned home and I stayed at Camp Nathanael as the missionary speaker for 71 children. What a great time! The first night there were a lot of children wanting to receive Jesus as their Savior. The camp theme was “Be Energized!” and I sure am! My theme with the children was “How to be a Missionary.” The three lessons were 1. you must be a Christian and ALL Christians are Missionaries. 2. You must be a Sacrifice (Romans 12:1). 3. You must be Changing (Romans 12:2). We kept it simple and showed lots of pictures from Africa. What a precious privilege to teach young teachable hearts and to love them and be loved by them. Thank you Jesus!
Here are some pictures of the classes and also a blessing from Ronnie and Myrt Miller who put decals on the car! Looks really sharp!
Today (Friday 24th) I will return home after the chapel time and a few more visits with dear friends here in East Kentucky.

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